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How To Make Sith Reconsider their Position

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How To Make Sith Reconsider their Position

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11.28.2012 , 06:00 AM | #1
Hey Guys, I really don't know if this will turn into a long story, this is just a moments inspiration which struck me. If people want me to continue I will, I haven't properly even planned this story. So read, tell me what you thing and hopefully ENJOY !!!!

To know if one is screwed, one must ask themselves three questions:

- Is there an exit?
- Do I have a blaster?
- Am I charming?

These were the questions that Dake Aelcor was asking himself as he crouched behind a cargo crate, his trench coat flapping behind, sweat beading down his neck with Sith troopers and Lords closing in. His answers were all no, or rather no because of extreme bad luck or the rules he lived by. The back door was magnetically sealed by the Sith when they locked down the city, his blaster has just finished his SECOND spare clip and while there was no doubt he could charm the fur off a wampa, dealing with Sith often meant a deal, one of things he wouldn’t do with Sith.

That left him with no option, except Plan B, which is more often than not a glorified improvisation. Unlike most smugglers who would find themselves in this situation however, he had something they didn’t have, and that was amazing sensory function, it just happened to be one of the things drilled into Jedi Initiates. Now before I continue I think it is prudent to acknowledge that Dake Aelcor did indeed finish his Jedi training, unlike a certain Mon Cal with a penchant for lying and pranks. The fact that he isn’t technically a Jedi anymore doesn’t stop him from being an amazing individual, he certainly can’t fight like one of them, at least properly with the throwing rocks at people ability. But he can kick, punch and steal blaster rifles off Sith soldiers.

An amazingly calm person he felt the trooper approaching and then walk past his position, striding confidently without alerting anyone, a kick tap to the shoulder followed by a smile and helmet rattling blow with the butt of his medium sized “Nexu” Blaster pistol, he was soon armed with grenades and a blaster rifle. In that moment, as he checked the clip, three troopers and a Red Skin with a snare arrived.

Flashing a smile he asked “You sure you guys can handle me?”

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11.28.2012 , 07:39 AM | #2
I like Dake's attitude. Those "three questions" at the start are a terrific hook. Then you worked in just enough background and action and ended with a bit of a cliffhanger.

Please write more- cliffhangers make me bite my nails (I was going to say 'the fate of my nails is now in your hands' but that just sounds...odd). Really eager to see if Dake gets out of there unscathed

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11.28.2012 , 12:54 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by thatghost View Post
Those "three questions" at the start are a terrific hook. Then you worked in just enough background and action and ended with a bit of a cliffhanger.
This *nods*
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