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Question on ability usage

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12.13.2012 , 04:28 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by MantorokTwelve View Post
Duplicity is not a skill a tank should take under any circumstances. Skills that increase DPS are not necessarily bad to pick up with your extra skill points, but one that requires you not to have aggro is a bad talent. is generally considered standard, you could move the points in chain shock around, but not to duplicity. Maul shouldn't even be on your quickbar as a tankassin.
Not true at all, i can name a few times where maul is a very nice thing to have, Kephess EC fight during the fight from 100-60%, kephess fight in TFB as extra dps and when off tanking, in KP on Karaga as off tank, on the rancor fight in KP, in tfb on writhing horror aswell. So saying that its a useless talent is not true its actually very good in many cases and i consider it alot better contribution than chain shock.

Highest crit on kephess in TFB 14k damage on maul proc.
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