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Question for the guild Hatred.

Mindphaze's Avatar

11.27.2012 , 06:33 PM | #1
Why did your member Rrolly quit your guild? He says he left because you guys wouldn't do the ops that he could get geared from and that you were all doing the easy mode ops to gear your under geared members.. Just wondering if hes spreading lies or telling the truth.

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11.27.2012 , 08:28 PM | #2
i asked carl about this a week ago, bc he was interested in Haterade, apprantley he was the bench tank when one of the main tanks weren't there.
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12.03.2012 , 04:24 PM | #3
ahh sorry i havnt read the forums lately, im the Guild leader and hes the story of Rrolly..
He was Gleader of a guild that wanted to raid but didnt have players, or just couldnt progress much into EC at the time or anything, he was good friend of anakyn my brother because he/we helped them in several ops

then we saved his guild inviting him and some other ppl from his guild into our guild and put them in our raid Group C... Group C never progressed too far into hm tfb, but yet him and krieger (his friend) had all the possible 63 gear crafted, krieger was first mara 63 in sever without even having 3/5 hm tfb in his raid group, in fact evilpanda(group C leader) krieger and rrolly were the target of the first 63 crafted items by group C

... the problem with rrolly was he one day decided to rage quit guild/game out of nowhere because of <RE bug> then we recruited another tank, and he came back and made us kick the new tank, and we gave him another chance, by the time raid C started raiding again, 2 weeks later him and krieger(not sure about him, he might come back) dissapeared for 1 month maybe 2, leaving group C hanging, without raiders, and waitting for them, once C started to raid again, month and a half later, Rrolly decided to came back and ask for a raid spot we obsly didnt give to a person who alredy rage quited and left us hanging 2 months without notice..

So idk what hes talking about but HATRED is prob the only reason why him and his old raiders got gear, got ALOT of gear, saw content, and now have a chance of trying to another good guild(rrolly case, others who didnt rage quit and left 2 month are still there almost full 63 raiding with any of our groups).. but he is the main reason why our group C didnt progress 2 months, anyways he is a Great guy, and i doubt hes talking **** about hatred, prob was just a comment that ppl missunderstood and if he really is talking bad stuff, he is just rly ungrateful and immature, but once again i am 99% sure he is not, he was always a good friend in guild.