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Synthweaving questions

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11.27.2012 , 04:51 PM | #1
I am trying to learn the schematic of a certain armor, I have purchased like 35 chests that look like the thing I want, but after RE all of them nothing was learned. I was trying to do it it green quality armor.

The armor I want to try and get a custom version of is this:

I would love if you guys tell me what I am doing wrong with RE green armor pieces or if you can tell me how to find the armor shown to learn it. Want that look

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11.27.2012 , 05:57 PM | #2
The picture is nice, but unless someone out there has every synthweave or force user armor loot drop/quest reward memorized, it might not help much.

One other thing: custom armor is custom armor. Green, "Premium" schematics will never RE to custom. They RE to blue, "Prototype" schematics which, in turn, have a chance to RE to purple, "Artifact" schematics. All with fixed stats, all unable to accept item modifications other than augments (if crafted with a slot or having a slot added with an augmentation kit).

If you know that this piece of armor is Custom (orange) armor that can accept armoring, mods and enhancements, then it is either (a) a loot drop, (b) a reward from a quest or flashpoint, (c) a drop from a planetary commendations box (in which case it would probably be purple and modifiable) or (d) a craftable Custom item obtained as a schematic from Underworld Trading missions, maybe some other Mission skill like Investigation but not sure about that or, as always, the GTN (someone else got it as a mission drop). Each are separate categories, afaik: you won't get a loot drop that is also available when you crit on an UWT mission.

So if you are looking for a green schematic that will RE to a custom item -- it ain't gonna happen. If it is a custom item and you can get the name of it, someone here might be able to tell you its source.
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