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Smash/Focus tree.

QuietGoneJinn's Avatar

11.30.2012 , 09:39 PM | #11
4 seconds of damage immunity for 50% health is not game-breaking in the slightest. People only pop it when they're already within 1 critical hit of dying (Because any sooner and you're sacrificing a HUGE amount of health for 4 seconds).

And it's a 90s cooldown. TWICE what you said. And specing it to 45 loses 2 skill points -a fair trade-off.

Nothing about it needs to be nerfed.

klham's Avatar

11.30.2012 , 10:20 PM | #12
The vexing thing about this spec isn't that it's OP necessarily (every once in a while my gunnery commando manages to beat one ;-P ) but it's that it's so frickin' fotm now. It's everywhere. It really is a leap-smash train in some Wzs, one smashmonkey after another. It gets boring for those of us who have to work within the 30m range zone with no immunity to leaps. But the real easy-mode three-button OP class is pyro-powertech. You can be a poor player on that combo and still come out on top (1v1), which is frustrating for those of us who really have to work for it. I've played Assault Vanguard (the mirror) and much prefer Tactics (Advanced Prototype) simply for the variety and challenge, even if it's considered an "under performing" spec simply because it takes much more skill and effort than Assault/Pyro to put out the same damage in a typical WZ. I'm all for spec diversity in WZs.