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Favorite and Least Favorite Planets

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Favorite and Least Favorite Planets

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11.27.2012 , 01:01 PM | #1
I searched, and we haven't had a thread like this in a while. Also, the other threads were in General, but I think this is a good topic for Story & Lore. What are your three favorite planets story-wise? You can also consider other factors such as environment, design, ambience etc. in your decision. Then, also, what is your least favorite planet? Please say why you feel the way you do. I love reading how different people react to the game and what everyone's opinions are. It is fascinating to learn that someone loves what you hate and vice versa.

Oh, also, if you want to split your choices by Faction if that influences your decision, then feel free to do so (3 fave for Pub, 3 fave for Imp, etc.)

Here are mine:

Three Favorites
Voss - Maybe I am a sucker for all the mysticism, but there is just something intriguing about Voss and its peoples. I love learning about the history between the Jedi, the Voss and the Gormak, etc. Its similarities to Heart of Darkness type stuff is also compelling. Also, the atmosphere and environment of this planet is beautiful yet creepy at the same time, and that's an awesome combo in my book.

Dromund Kaas - What can I say? The Sith capital world fascinates me. Its stories of power struggles and uprisings are fun, and the jungle environment is awesome. I love all the greenery and vicious beasts. Just great.

Taris - Okay, this one might be nostalgic, because of KOTOR, but you have to admit there's a lot of history behind this planet, and I love getting to explore it. Both factions are very good, I think. One side is trying to restore a lost piece of history, while the other wants to keep it quashed forever. The scenery is lovely as well. I just love green forests and such, can you tell?

Least Favorite
Balmorra - This planet is just so dull to me, both Republic and Imp side. The story of resistance begs to be compelling and emotional, but for some reason I just don't connect with it at all. Republic side is slightly better for me, just because I connect better with helping the underdogs.

So what are yours and why?

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11.27.2012 , 06:58 PM | #2
Although Tattooine is not my favorite planet, I loved the Czerka storyline. I thoguht it was very well written.

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11.27.2012 , 09:25 PM | #3
My favorite planets would be:

Belsavis- I like Belsavis because it has an amazing environment that easily changes from tropics to snow covered foothills and mountains. The wild life has creatures instantly recognizable form the movies and even some creatures that are instantly recognizable from other planets. The story line takes away the goody two-shoes vibe from the Republic while still making the Empire seem slightly better but still evil.

Alderaan- I love the landscape its just gorgeous. The storyline is also very good. I enjoy pitting the houses against each other for the throne. However I think House Rist is stretching the power struggle too far. A house known for assassins shouldn't have lasted that long on the most peaceful and diplomatic planet in the Republic. If they had been exiled similar to Thul then it would have made more sense to me. The only thing I hate about Alderaan would be the Killiks. The bug hivemind is so cliche I want to headdesk every time I have to deal with them.

Korriban- The scenary is amazing but limited. Just because it is a starter planet doesn't mean we have to be confined to the Valley of the Dark Lords. I hope that eventually it along with the Tython get a reason for people to comeback for more than just a quick class story or because they are force-senstive. I hope that Korriban or Tython get either a Flash Point like Lost Island or an Operation like Kragga's Palace.

My least favorite planets would be:

Coruscant/Nar Shaddaa- I dislike all the neon and sky scrappers. Both planets have a hue that is used extensively throughout their sections and it gets tiresome and boring fast. The stories are okay. I never really liked the under world part of Star Wars but that is just my opinion.

Tattooine- I hate this planet. I dread it. It is a graveyard for my toons because I cannot stand being on it. Its a desert. A big desert. While it has some interesting background info like the Rakata Empire bombarding it to glass and the Czerka story is interested, doesn't mean every single game has to have it. Seriously its a desert with its only notable resource being sand and an outlaw's paradise.

Balmorra- It has the potential for a great back story but fails to deliver. It did what Alderaan by running with the idea that its been in a state of war for decades. But it fails to capitalize on that potential but not giving us any remarkable characters or even organizations. If a planet were to take the battle scars of Balmorra and the potential behind its battles scars and mix that with Alderaan's story arch and landscape I would be very happy

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11.27.2012 , 09:35 PM | #4
Keep in mind this is on Trooper, so he's not into mystical stuff, and this might change on JK/JC/SW/SI.

Favorite planet - Belsavis
The whole planet felt, appropriately, like a military fortification. I mean, it's a giant prison! Near the end, with all the Esh-kha stuff, it got less in line with a trooper-style story, but overall Belsavis rocked.

Least favorite planet - Voss
Again, from a trooper's POV. Too much mysticism, not enough militarism. Probably especially on JC and SI this planet would be great, but for a trooper is was a blasted drag.

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11.27.2012 , 11:14 PM | #5
Tatooine - mostly for the Czerka storyline.
Nar Shaddaa - i dunno why, i just like it for some reason. must be the smuggler in me.
Hoth - i love snow.

Least Favorites:
Balmorra - despite the fact that this planet has some of my favorite BGMs, it just seems like a war torn planet with nothing that really stands out.
Empire Taris - i didn't enjoy it as much as i enjoyed Republic Taris. maybe because Republic Taris focused more on things from KOTOR which gave me nostalgia fits.

Alderaan - the planet is beautiful, but it kinda drags on for awhile.
Voss - the Voss people fascinate me, but again...the planet seems to drag on for forever.
Quesh - if you blink, you'll miss it. kinda seemed just thrown in there.
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11.28.2012 , 01:50 AM | #6
Alderaan: Love the scenery and the whole political plot going on there
Tatooine: The Czerka storyline is probably my favorite of any of the world story arcs
Korriban: The way that everything flowed here was excellent

Least Favorites
Voss: It drug on forever and the Voss people are just too smug and irritating
Nar Shadda: Quest is just awful. You have to make 3-4 laps of each zone to finish it.
Taris (Imp): Getting anywhere in this maze was irritating, and the whole premise of "They rebuilt so we're gonna tear it down for no good reason" was bad. Had they framed it as "we can't let them get a stronghold so close to DK, Korriban and our fleet" ir would not have made my list.
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08.06.2013 , 07:44 PM | #7

Tython- I like Jedi and the Force

Taris(Pub)- KOTOR nostalgia

Tatooine- Czerka series and Bonus series

Least Favorites:

Nar Shaddaa- I don't like being in the crap hole of the galaxy

Balmorra- planet story wasn't that fun

Hoth- too big

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08.07.2013 , 12:14 AM | #8
Best planets:
ord mantell - the sepratists are interesting
dromund kaas - its the imperial caspital with lost of cool mechanics
balmorra - the whole resistance thing is kinda cool actually and those droid factories the pubs stole it
nar shaddaa - love the ecunopolis (all city planet) and all the different areas
alderaan - all these different houses are very iteresting especially rist which is basically a house of assassins kinda sad what happened
corellia - lots of intense action and its a big city
makeb - love the objective of the quest series to get isotope 5 from those greedy huts and the mesas are soo beautiful
worst planets
taris - hate the ruined city its just so gloomy and besides i cant think of a fruit of imperial victory
tatooine - did u have to ask? its just so boring and monotonous the only reason i come here is to camp at the 2 datacrons on balloon

voss - again soo monotonous with the whole winning over the voss (though id be more than willing to try and win them over to the empire) makes ganking sound kinda pointless especially at the shrine of healing (theres lots of gankers there but if the voss werent like frozen and stuck doing the same thing over and over they wouldnt approve us holding the hospice from those pubs)

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08.07.2013 , 02:42 AM | #9
Favorite Planets:

Dromund Kaas - Simply beautiful with great atmosphere and interesting class and side quests. I love returning there now and then even on my high level Imps just for the scenery.

Tatooine - SW nostalgia aside, I really like both the Pub and Imp planet stories for different reasons. The Imp Czerka plot was spooky and intriguing, and the Pub building efforts (although "smaller" in comparison to the more epic Czerka plot) made the story feel more down-to-earth and personal, and my SM just fit right in.

Alderaan (Imp) - A truly beautiful planet, and the Thul storyline was a lot of fun, as well as the Imp Class stories I played there (IA and SW). I've been there with a SM a while ago and although the planet is still beautiful, the Pub main quest was... boring, compared to Imp.

Taris (Pub) - Looks great with sunlight, and all the KOTOR references as a Pub warmed my heart. Decent planet quest also, a lot more fun than the Imp side.

Hoth - I have a thing for ice and snow, so I loved it - and the ship graveyard just looks awesome. And now with Tauntaun mounts, I'm sure I'll love it even more.

Voss - I also have a thing for autumn, so I very much like the design of this planet. And the whole mysticism and atmosphere it created made for an interesting planet to explore.

Least favorite Planets:

Belsavis - This is a shame, really. I've only seen the Imp side so far, but the planet looks beautiful, the general idea is intriguing, and even the planet and class quests are decent. I just hate, hate, HATE the traveling system when you get near the end, so damn frustrating and annoying.

Coruscant - This makes me sad, because - hey, it's Coruscant! I really want to like it, but with my JK it just bored me to death. SM was better, but only for her class story, but no matter how you look at it, this planet is just one boring drag with the same side quests over and over and over again. Compared to Dromund Kaas and its diversity, Coruscant is a stale biscuit, and that's a shame!

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08.07.2013 , 03:54 AM | #10
I don't really like or hate the planets in this game expect for Balmorra and ord mantell

Ord mantell - I admit like how it feel like a warzone and the volcano area looks really cool but i hate getting around

Corcsaunt - i really love this planet just because of how the movies made this planet feel with the jedi temple and everything

Korrbian - i like just because of the lore behind it

Dromaund Kaas - I like the planet because it looks cool and being the headquarters of the empire is appealing but at the same time i hate because i've done it so much

Balmorra - i like the pub story like but other than that the planet just has a boring feel to me

Nar Shadda - just always been appealing to me since Kotor 2

Tattoine - the quest line is pretty cool tho at the same time i wish there was more of the oconic citys like mos eisley and krayt dragons

Alderann - i like how it looks

Taris - i like pub taris everything about pub taris is appeling to me but imp taris feels like a waste to me

Quesh i just don't hate or like it the planet it's just there

Hoth - 1 of my favorite planets just because of the empire strikes back

Belsavis - the story is cool and some parts of the area up north look cool

Voss - the whole planet looks cool and i just love everything about the voss and the mustics everything cool story 2

Corellia - this is a tough 1 because when i played SWG was 1 of my favorite planet just because of how pretty and beatuiful it looked but in this game it's a warzone but at the same time it has some cool aspects of the planet tho traveling around is a turn off

Makeb - I really love this planet how it looks ( especially with the graphics upgrade ) + the story makes you feel like you actually part of the empire and the war not off doing your own thing
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