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11.27.2012 , 12:49 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by skiibyrd View Post
Basically what I'm looking for is either, what makes this game stand out above all its other peers, or, if there are better MMO's than SWTOR, what makes specifically makes great in your opinion that SWTOR would benefit from.. I think SWTOR is an amazing game, and have heard its current #2 number of subscribers, but since I'm new to this genre I don't have any other MMO's to compare it to.
No MMO stands out above all others.

Why? Because different people like different things, and no MMO is all things to all People.

You must find your own answer to your question, because it depends on what you want and what you enjoy. What others want and enjoy is their opinion and is just as likely to be different then your wants/enjoyment as similar.

Pesonally, this is my favorite MMO at the moment. I play 4 different ones right now, but this one gets most of my attention right now because I like it and I enjoy it more then the others. But I am not you, so your results may be different.
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11.27.2012 , 12:54 PM | #12
Is SWTOR the best MMO on the Market for MMO's? No. Not even close. It has far above normal its share of issues that exist because of the game engine used and its launch state. It does do something very well but the majority of things outside of an enjoyment of the Star Wars universe it offers very little for actual enjoyment.

Story line class quests for example are one of he highly touted reasons SWTOR has seen any success at all. And for good reason mind you; however, the over feel of them often if you are like me annoying. Constantly being Jesus Christ Superstar is debilitating when you look at both the setting and tone of SWTOR. The fact that all classes end up on being the same facsimile of keep up with the Superman stereotype in the end does take away from the total effect of any stories that are told. But that doesn't mean that the stories aren't interesting none the less. It is very easy to become engaged with the story and want to experience it to its full end. Now that's not to say that other MMOs in the past such as Age of Conan weren't able to bring the same level of "Main Story questing" to the table. But one thing that SWTOR does bring over AoC is Voice Acting which is for the most part, once you get past all the same voice as that guy three quests prior, and hey its captain looks like that dude two quests ago just with a different hair selection, really does maintain a fair level of its own charm and charisma that is only offered in few Triple A single player RPGs.

But for SWTOR the primary goal of having an engaging story seems to be all that it really offers. Its combat system is the standard same old, same old that comes with most MMOs. Sadly that can be said for most if not all of the systems in SWTOR. The Auction House which was a late add, high REs Texture Pack issue, lack of functional combat log (still a lack of a functional combat log), the Crew Skills, Space Combat Missions, PvP, PvE End Game and even what you spend that majority of time doing in SWTOR - leveling - are all very bland and boring designs and concepts. And in some cases as with the Auction House those elements of the game were initially horrifically designed.

So is it the best MMO no not even close, even though by now I am sure fanboys have been preening about how great SWTOR is and its better then everything else. But its also not the Worst.

Star Trek Online is the worst.

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11.27.2012 , 01:09 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by monkgryphon View Post
I think it's all perception and subjective to each person. Some people define Best as being the one with the most subscribers/players. Some will say small ones are the best, because they offer unique experiences.
Agree, but swtor seems to get a horrible wrap from its player base, but everytime i play it, i think its a great game. so.. in my mind, that would make me assume that there must be certain things that swtor doesnt have, that significantly makes other MMO's better, or for some reason that its almost missing some big things in people's opinion.

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11.27.2012 , 01:13 PM | #14
To me there is no Best MMO as every MMO I've seen has great strengths and weaknesses, things you wish other games would adopt as well as elements it needs to adopt from others.

A few examples of what keeps me interested or moving away from given MMOs:


Why Not there? Grew very stale around WoTLK, the pop culture *wink-winks* were just getting far too prevalent and the growing non fantasy geegaws such as the chopper turned me off.

Why consider? Vanilla leveling was fantastic with 2-3 zones for every given level range you could take multiple alts through while hardly ever repeating the same quests, classes were interesting and nostalgia of 'first mmo' still hits.

What SWTOR Could stand to steal: The # of quests per level range ratio, having multiple options never hurt

Secret World--

Why Not There? Combat is clunky and non-fluid with the severe limitation of equipped abilities leading to unimaginative 3-4 button combos 90%+ of the time. Certain feel of polish just not there

Why consider? The setting/atmosphere is fantastic, knocking down zombies in an MMO with a shotgun... yeah. The ability wheel is an interesting twist away from the traditional skill tree. Equipment being purely cosmetic with stats coming from non visual items is nice. Voiceovers from NPCs only, not player itself is a logical way to get that immersion while reducing expense.

What could SWTOR Steal: Having NPC's handle future dialog while reducing player response would considerably reduce the development load going forward.


Why Not? Limited ability bars feel very restricting and while the performance is much better, there's still a certain fluidity that feels missing.

Why Consider: WvWvW idea for pvp gives a great depth and scope to the pvp aspect. Quest chain idea gives a bit of a different feel from the traditional.

What SWTOR could steal: Giving depth and breadth to the pvp environment, potentially allowing a post-50 third faction to arc out for the purposes of this new emphasis.


Why Not: The Cash shop evolution evolved into far too much requirement out of a subscription (+10 stat tomes, scrolls to essentially re-spec your weapon, etc.), character models were very unimpressive and limited species/race options (makes sense for lore reasons but still limits variety). Combat with skill queueing can feel a bit slow paced for some. Virtue grinding was an obnoxious time sink.

Why: Until the isengarde expansion tipped the scales, the basic F2P format was far more thought out, great cosmetic system with wardrobe, dye, cosmetic slots, etc. Good depth of story

What SWTOR could steal-- The cosmetic system that allows immense freedom and variety. Makes development easier as you can cosmetically equip existing greens/blues thus immediately expanding the options. Free two play system of buying lump-chunks of content instead of micro rent-a-content makes much more sense.

As to SWTOR itself? What keeps my sub here instead of elsewhere?

1.Class design-- This is the most interesting variety of class design I've seen thus far, the only game where I've had an interest in working on every single class and not just for story reasons. Beyond the different classes I've also never enjoyed spending time in a variety of different skill trees within each given class as well.

2.Story-- The class stories were among the most interesting/immersing storyline content I've encountered in an MMO and I still have a few left to see (warrior just finished act II, Bounty hunter all but first 2 planets,

3.Aesthetic-- I know some purists hate that its not 100% true to the film iterations but I like the overall stylization, not to say I don't think some of the endgame set designs were terrible (pvp/BH/campaign knights anyone?) but overall I enjoy the general look/feel.

4.Sci-Fi Fantasy in one-- Being able to draw from both ends of the pool as the SW universe does makes it fun and interesting. A sword and a blaster somehow feels less out of place then a sword and a boomstick a la WOW.

It has its own flaws nothings perfect such as...

1.While armoring set bonuses help, cosmetic system is still a bit limited

2.My performance isn't bad, but it is still a bit low compared to the hardware running it and what is being shown on the screen

3.Making flashpoints 4 man I think was a major limitation to content design as it reduces the mechanics you can employ in a flashpoint and also reduces future class design as you can't have secondary roles (i.e. so many classes have strong CC because you can't justify a fight-control type class with 4 man content, likewise a force-multiplier also looses a spot as well. See Lotro's Loremaster and Captain as representatives of these roles).
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11.27.2012 , 01:14 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by monkgryphon View Post
I think it's all perception and subjective to each person. Some people define Best as being the one with the most subscribers/players. Some will say small ones are the best, because they offer unique experiences.
They are all small.

If TOR were a TV show, it would be cancelled after an episode. Even WoW would lose its timeslot to "Amish Doomsday Traders" on NatGeo.

MMO's are not, never have been, and never will be "mainstream entertainment". The sooner they give up on this pipedream, the better.

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11.27.2012 , 01:19 PM | #16
Well OP your thread is entirely subjective, everyone is going to have a different answer based on their taste. SWTOR has a lot going for it, as far as personal questing, the voice acting, and personal companions, but has a lot of problems and limitations. Only a fraction here would call it the best (the people that are big Bio-ware fans). Personally I actually have a big soft spot for your former game City of Heroes/ Villains. That was a game that did a lot things really well etc. In my heart I tend to give that game 1st, and this one second after playing lots of different MMos since the days of Asheron's Call April 2000 till the present.

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11.27.2012 , 01:29 PM | #17
Some MMO games are more detailed with setting, lore, social, exploration, crafting or have more RPG content, but I think SWTOR has the best combat gameplay and stories.
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11.27.2012 , 01:30 PM | #18
I like playing SWTOR the most out of all the MMOs I've tried. Sadly, just about all of the original programmers are gone and each subsequent patch breaks as much as it fixes.

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11.27.2012 , 01:37 PM | #19
I actually think LOTRO is the best MMO made, or at least it would be if the combat gameplay was better. I know WOW is the most popular but it has too many bad pop culture references and it's too cartoon-y to be taken seriously as a RPG. LOTRO does almost everything better except the combat, which unfortunately is a major setback. People gripe about responsiveness or whatever but SWTOR has the best combat of any MMO I've seen.
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11.27.2012 , 01:49 PM | #20
SWG was by far the best MMO ever (the most sandbox) yes, NGE final publish was good, atmospheric flight, guild wars, open planets, open space flight, city pve/p invasions, player housing which could be decorated, open pvp....the list goes on