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BioWare: Change the final fight please (major spoilers)

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BioWare: Change the final fight please (major spoilers)
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12.28.2011 , 10:24 AM | #41
I've just given up - tankspec guardian 180k in repairs it's just a joke of a quest to be honest so not going to bother with it.
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12.28.2011 , 10:51 AM | #42

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12.28.2011 , 05:36 PM | #43
There was a puzzle...

Oh well, I did this fight with a Trooper in my party, so didn't matter how good T7's gear was.
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12.28.2011 , 08:20 PM | #44
Did anyone else notice the pillers in the room?

ImmortalDrazhar's Avatar

12.28.2011 , 09:13 PM | #45
I'm still calling total shenanigans on the one shot kill technique, especially since there's this trend of warping away from you so you can't quickly hit an interrupt.

I'm gonna have to find friends or something for this, but on the plus side, I got the chest to work by going into a warzone while standing near it, by the time I got back FROM the warzone, it was openable. Still only Greens. Nor was it a full set, despite this claim.

"The puzzle in the large main room is indeed intended to help gear T7 if needed. If solved, the resulting chest should provide a full set of blue gear of T7."

sol_'s Avatar

12.29.2011 , 01:35 AM | #46
completely agree with op.
If I knew I had to only use T3 for the last boss i would have geared him more, but being a tank and having a tank companion is pretty much worthless so i never geared him.

Edit: how did they make this fight as is? did they even try the damn fight once?
My mind is blown, how the hell are you supposed to beat it. Just wasted 3 hours of my life /end rant

LordNestaron's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 02:45 AM | #47
The fight should be designed to make us use our skills, not hide behind pillars. Having T7 as the only companion we can use and him being under geared until you get to the Temple is very painful. I've spent every last credit I have on gearing him up, medpacs, stims and repairs (Over 200k) and I still haven't completed this fight. The Chest that gears up T7 is just green gear and really doesn't make him any less squishy. It also was bugged after i completed the puzzle. The only way I could loot it was to leave the phase, and fight ALL the trash back to the chest for stuff that wasn't any better then I had bought!

Now I'm broke and stuck waiting for other Guild Members to level to 50 so I can get help on a CLASS QUEST, that I should be able to do SOLO. This is the kind of thing that makes people quit playing. Furthermore, having to fight the trash again and again to re-attempt the fight is brutal, and unnecessary!

They could have let us keep the companion of our choice until we get to the force shield, there are many other ways they could have told the "Story" without impacting us so negatively.

I don't want an easy fight, but I want a fight that at least doesn't force us to hide behind pillars to have a chance at being the final boss. It should be designed to force us to use our skills! A fight that you have to exploit to win doesn't make anyone feel heroic.

The story had a great built up, but this fight is a HUGE let down. Another huge let down is BioWare's lack of response in this thread and others about this issue; I'm not counting the one that tells us about the chest, but the chest doesn't work for anyone unless you leave the phase.
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befek's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 03:08 AM | #48
Actually after trying hard I did in 3rd try with 80% hp left. Tho dancing with the pillars is still bad game design.

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12.29.2011 , 04:36 AM | #49
The only prob is that u could have used another companion on trash b4, on the boss it doesnt matter if he's geared or not... fun fight btw just not tank and spank and interupt!

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12.29.2011 , 08:58 AM | #50