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BioWare: Change the final fight please (major spoilers)

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BioWare: Change the final fight please (major spoilers)
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jesslightwalker's Avatar

01.11.2012 , 04:15 AM | #261
Quote: Originally Posted by khsolo View Post
The funny thing is that i dont think the fight is trully so difficult its the sentinel class that is totally outclassed, same happens in PvP as a sentinel

You dont hear complains about the difficulty of the fight from guardians and i bet 90% of all sentinels like myself couldnt make it without help
Totally agree. I spent hours trying to do the fight as a Sentinel. In PVP though, get a healer and you're god :P

LimeInDeCoke's Avatar

01.11.2012 , 04:17 AM | #262
Glitched at 50% and was able to kill him. After hours of previously wiping if I might add. :/

Jonlo's Avatar

01.11.2012 , 08:02 AM | #263
Quote: Originally Posted by Tinasa View Post
To say I am mildly dissapointed is an understatement.

This fight is impossible. I've nearly gone broke equipping myself and my T7 with gear, medpacs and stims. My T7 is dropping dead before a single one of the first group of adds is defeated.

You know I understood this battle was difficult and it should be. But this is impossible. What a terribly frustrating and annoying end to a fun story.

As a Jedi Knight Sentinel who completed the entire game without need for help, often doing fights multiple times to work out how to win, or just wear them down, I find this final fight to be insulting as a player. Now I have to beg for help in order to end my story. What a let down.

That leaves the entire personal story and the most climatic part of it, a complete and utter fail.

Does anyone have a link to something that can help this? This is a bad joke.
Several people have posted ways to beat it. It's not impossible, just hard.

bevelian's Avatar

01.12.2012 , 11:15 PM | #264
anyone ever play the Super Mario: Frustration levels? i found them easier than his boss.

not up for spending hours trying to defeat one boss. there is a challenge but for casual players like myself this is beyond that. cant sit on a game im meant to enjoy all day long trying to kill 1 boss. needless to say i emergency fleet passed myself back to the fleet. not gonna bother with this class quest.

FobManX's Avatar

01.12.2012 , 11:38 PM | #265
Yeah I had to get a group of guildies to help me out just now after he destroyed me earlier and I ended up glitching it, one shotting him with Force Leap.

Anticlimatic and crappy way to end what was a pretty damn good story.

Elarion's Avatar

01.13.2012 , 10:22 AM | #266
I managed to do it yesterday after my 3rd day of trying. I was adamant I wasn't going to throw the old man down the stairs in the mezzanine and also was confident it could be done without having to use the pillars. Tools me a while but I did it basically micromanaging T7 with his EMP blast and well times use of Awe and interrupts. I'm a guardian though and we have no shortage of interrupts. Anyway both me and T7 survived the fight and whilst hard, it was easily the most satisfying achievment I have in the game to date. Now I proudly walk around with my master title, knowing that I truly earned it.
Corbec lvl 50 Vanguard - Master Dar'Nala
Atticus lvl 50 Guardian - Master Dar'Nala

Alloysious's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 01:29 AM | #267
day 2 here still havent gotten it.

The "puzzle" for the chest looks like a horrible graphics glitch to me. Loads of red "jaggies" all over the place. Is that supposed to be something significant? I can't interact with the walls .... or if I can the red jaggies on the floor seem to seizure more. No chest ever appears.

The emperor seems to teleport all over the place... and maybe its just me or the party I was with... but the "clones" seem to spawn 8x at a time? is that normal?

Very terrible lag the entire time makes the final fight nearly impossible.


What a disenchanting endgame. Kinda ruins it for you.

Siorac's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 04:09 AM | #268
Sentinel's too squishy, Guardian doesn't do enough DPS and we're deprived of our healers.

I was torn apart on my first two attempts then it bugged out and one Saber Throw won me the fight. Since then, I helped two other Knights to do the fight as they found it impossible to beat him solo.

Xarox's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 04:30 AM | #269
I play as a tank specced Guardian.

After trying the fight about 25 times and constantly dying (I'm stubborn) I desided to get help from a Sage healer friend. (Btw, my droid is upgraded)

If you remember from the fight that his "mirror images" takes a while when you kill the first group of them until next comes. But when I did it with my friend they where there basically constantly the entire time during the fight.

Anyways, we managed to kill him on the second try. It was a major surprise that they were there all the time during the first try, so obviously, we failed.

Siorac's Avatar

01.15.2012 , 04:37 AM | #270
It was a breeze for us when we paired up. I took Doc, he healed like a madman and the Emperor never stood a chance. But soloing it isn't simply hard or a challenge; it's insanely, overwhelmingly hard. It would be a good single player boss where you can reload and try again countless times but with repair bills and such, the very real possibility of having to fight through billions of thrash again makes it a very frustrating encounter.

Unless it bugs out on you, of course