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LF Serious PVP guild

filipesantana's Avatar

11.26.2012 , 08:35 PM | #1
I just came back to the game after leaving in January(about a month after the launch)upon being one of the First people on my old server getting BM i just became bored with the game(no rateds or anything happening back then+all the bugs).

I am a pretty Active pvp player and have been like that in the past 9 years.At the moment i play actively Swtor, Wow(arenas only), Dota, Smite, Firefall and a litle bit of APB every now and then.
Im extremely competitive and i always aim to get higher ratings/ranks/points..
My highest achievements were probably in wow with 2.5k in 3s and 2.6k in rbgs(with several classes..dps and healing) on bg 9 (the most competitive), still not enough for Gladiator but well above average...Duelist for life!
(can prove any of it upon request)

I consider myself an exp player with good game awareness, and for what i can see from random wzs...well above average.

I think voice com is essential for high rated team play and im extremely communicative through it(coordinate Swaps..Call targets..healing..etc)

Currently i play a Jugg, Mostly Vengence since im terribly bored with the lack of skill required for a 3 button lame smash spec.But i can obviously respec upon request depending on team comp (specially now with free respecs)

i had Bm wep and offgear when i came back and in 3 days i got my full BM augmented.At the moment im about to buy my 3rd WH piece(including wep).
I expect Rated pvp to be pretty stale until 1.6 hits(cross fingers that season 1 would actualy start) So until 1.6 hits i expect to get close to Full WH + cap on rwz and WZ coms so i can start gettign EWH straight of the bat.
I guess my priority for now is runing normal wz premades to farm the rest of the gear since RWZ seem pretty dead and there is no point in messing with your elo/mmr for now.

If Season 1 starts someday....i would like to be in a guild competitive enough to realistically run for top Ranks(rank 1 or at least top 3 )

Im 26 years old, From Portugal and im currently living in Canada.

(on a side note..i intend to start streaming/recording swtor pvp to)

Im available for ingame introduction and possibly to run some test wzs.