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Dissident Companions

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12.28.2012 , 08:22 PM | #31
I did crew skills on my wife's PT and I see what people mean about Skadge now. Seriously, just from sending him on crew skills I would not hesitate to put a boot to his back side and push him out the air lock mid hyperspace jump! He is annoying!

Scourge I can deal with. If I was a DS Knight I think it would fit better, but as a LS Knight he gets annoying at times but one of the conversations with him actually redeemed him with me.

Jaesa DS has gotten annoying and my toon is mostly dark side lol. I should have kept her DS but I wanted the option to romance her. At some point Vette just seemed to have a better romance plot.
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01.06.2013 , 11:17 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by JLazarillo View Post
Having just finished Balmorra with my Vanguard, I'm a little surprised to not see Tanno Vik's name popping up in this topic as of yet. I know Havoc Squad only accepts "the best", but really, if "the best" is a freaking sociopath, I think it'd be okay to settle for number two, just this once.
Vik IS "explosives-expert-number-two". He's not a sociopath, just a hardcore criminal.

"Number-one" is a traitor to the republic, at the moment sitting in a republic-military-prison ... or dead.

Just thought I'd mention it, in case you missed that.

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01.07.2013 , 10:23 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by Schelos View Post
"Number-one" is a traitor to the republic, at the moment sitting in a republic-military-prison ... or dead.
Well, in my story, he's dead, but that's a Trooper complaint for an entirely different topic.
And once you're dead, you're out of the ranking.

That said, you raise an interesting point, and if not for that poorly thought out choice being an issue, I would totally rather have that character than Vik. I think he'd be a more compelling companion, really, and it'd have the potential to make the story from Trooper chapter 1 more meaningful.