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Eurogamer re-reviews SWTOR

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11.26.2012 , 06:43 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by ProsaicProse View Post
Was that supposed to be a review? It read more like a biased rant from an angry player who likes to troll.
I read the same. I mean, he's saying that all other MMO's have better storytelling then BioWare attempt with SWTOR (something they praised SWTOR for in their previous review). Please, I quite GW2 after a week because I didn't care at all for my character.

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11.26.2012 , 06:53 AM | #12
Beautifull explanation from soluss right there

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11.26.2012 , 06:55 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Nemhauser View Post
I read the same. I mean, he's saying that all other MMO's have better storytelling then BioWare attempt with SWTOR (something they praised SWTOR for in their previous review). Please, I quite GW2 after a week because I didn't care at all for my character.
I had to laugh about that one too.. He mentiones three MMO's with a "better storyline". With none of them I agree, though Secret World is second on my list of story lines for MMO's, though still very far behind TOR.
And that "reviewer" is supposed to be a player? I doubt it, the whole thing smelled more like a certain one of Eurogamers' usual Activision paid narrators.
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11.26.2012 , 06:58 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Soluss View Post
The game was an 8 for about the first month. During the first month it was new and fresh design. It played like a single player game. Then you realize, this is an MMO and not a single player game.
Please explain how this game feels singleplayer?
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11.26.2012 , 06:59 AM | #15
Any review starting off negatively comparing SWTOR to GW2 and WoW automatically loses massive amounts of credibility with me. I mean, they are comparing this to the ENDLESS WoW treadmill with zero story and saying WoW wins? ROFL. Now, that is just a bad joke. Also, how dare people accuse anyone who feels positive about this game of being a mindless fan-boy.

The review is way far off the mark. He sounds like every other spoiled brat gamer who got upset with something in the game and decided to write a bad review and shout at the world. They are complaining about features they have to spend cartel coins on that other MMO's lack in entirety and claiming that makes SWTOR "bad".

Eurogamer, seriously 4/10? So, they are saying that it ranks amongst the worst games ever made? Yet, they are still playing the game? Very interesting. It is good to now have firm information on what website to not listen to when it comes to reviews. They are not listed on for a reason.
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11.26.2012 , 06:59 AM | #16
Do not take this review seriously. Author of that article also wrote article "MMORPG's are dead genre".
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11.26.2012 , 07:03 AM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Soluss View Post
*snip for length*
The article is spot on in my opinion.
Not only that, but it should also be remembered that this review is made with Free2Play as an aspect - largely the Free2Play restrictions are negative points for SWTOR (I hadn't realised that Free players have to pay more credits for their items. That's simply asinine) and that the game is being compared to recent releases, some of which are supported by a similar model (GW2, for instance).

If the original score was eight, then is it not reasonable that Bioware's questionable handling of the Free2Play restrictions and SWTOR's comparison to current MMO's, is going to cost four points? It's re-evaluating the original score based on new information and changes. I'd be more concerned if the score had gone up.

Bioware can only be thankful this review didn't take into account the questionable way the initial round of server transfers were handled (it felt like they were suddenly dropped on, despite statements that we would get prior warning), the way the PTS is used (and abused), the lack of developer communication, the short-lived increased communication from the Community Team and the Free2Play launch, which coincided with everyone going on their holi-pops.

I like the story, I have investment in my characters, I have fun with my guildies and I feel like the game could be better, but it's hard to feel enthused when the team behind the game don't seem to care anymore.

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11.26.2012 , 07:05 AM | #18
The article is utter BS.
The part about the story and how there are at least three other MMO's with a beeter one is especially hilarious.
SWTOR is second to none in the story/voice acting department in the MMO market.
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11.26.2012 , 07:05 AM | #19
Yeah, this review can't be trusted. I mean, the 1.8 million people who unsubbed couldn't possibly be a clue pointing to how lazy the devs have become.

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11.26.2012 , 07:05 AM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by Varium View Post
Please explain how this game feels singleplayer?
Iam on RP server as ive missclicked while transfering chars from old and canceled Lord Calypo (thats my fault indeed) and trust me ... you dont need anyone to finish the game. Yea i said finish, since on level 50 you are done, finito, ende, fin, game over, unless you are hadcore carebear and find a pleasure in everydays grinding - so honestly called Blackhole or Section X, the Operations are indeed fine ... once or twice, not all the time and as for PVP ... well, here ill stop since expresssing my thoughts about PVP system needs a lot of mean words.