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PVE Imperial agent - Operative vs Sniper

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PVE Imperial agent - Operative vs Sniper

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11.25.2012 , 08:37 PM | #1
Made a new char , don't know what to choose as advanced class...

I'm almost only gonna use it for pve, so for solo questing in the storyline, doing heroics, and maybe some flashpoints here and there.

What's easier and better to use for the reasons i mentioned above.

Could use some input here.

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11.25.2012 , 10:23 PM | #2
Well, if you want easy for leveling then go with the Op, since you can just stealth past most things. Operative is also alot of fun for healing, but don't bother with DPS. It's very difficult in Operations.

Sniper on the other hand is lots of fun! But much slower, and you'll have to plug and chug through alot of stuff the Operatives can just stealth past. I haven't played a sniper/gunslinger nearly as high as my Op (Level 50), but I find that Snipers come to shine much faster than Operatives.
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11.26.2012 , 03:33 AM | #3
I'd say it's a matter of personal preference and game style.

The operative is the sneaky type of char. You'll have stealth and plenty of stabbing attacks. You can also choose the medic tree if you feel like it. For me, the downside of operative DPS gameplay, especially in PvE is that you need to get at close range to use some important abilities, while at the same time you lack the survivability the true melee classes have. So for PvE choose operative only if you want to become a medic.

The sniper on the other hand is all about dealing damage at maximum range (30m). You can't stealth, but the general idea with snipers is to get at the targets at 30m and shred them to pieces before they can get to you. With the sniper you'll get a choice of 3 pure damage specs and from my experience I'd recommend going marksman in the beginning, but also try the Lethality spec when you reach level 40. They're both really good, but the gameplay is different and you'd miss a lot if you stick only to one spec without trying the others.

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11.27.2012 , 04:31 PM | #4
I've played both classes to around L30, so I have a decent sense of the two types. Personally, I prefer the Operative.

With the Sniper, you're limited to one type of play. You can shoot things, or if that fails, you can shoot things. Then, when you've done that, you can shoot things. Ok, a little exaggeration there, but you see my point.

The Operative has more options. You can heal, you can stealth, you can melee or you can snipe. You won't do damage like the Sniper, but your damage isn't something to sneeze at, and you have more survivability due to your healing. Also, I can't say enough about stealth. I can't imagine playing without it now (it's going to make playing my Sorceror a rude shock), it's just so useful.

However, for all that, it does come down to your own preferences and playstyle.

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11.27.2012 , 04:51 PM | #5
If you're ultimate goal is to be a chart topper in HM/NiM Operations, you'd want to go Sniper. But if not, then play whatever appeals to you more. As someone said, snipers just shoot things. But it's fun. Operatives can be great healers and sneak around in stealth. They're pretty good in PVP as healers or dps. At max level you really don't want to waste time using Snipe though, it won't do much for you unless you're in a position where your target is unreachable.
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11.27.2012 , 07:04 PM | #6
Hmm, I'd go an operative healer if you want to be a chart topper. In most fights a good operative can compete/beat a good sorc (heavy aoe excluded) but a sniper will always be beaten by a marauder/powertech currently. They're still incredibly strong, just not chart toppers.

For leveling definately choose an operative. Stealth, mobility, and good damage in any spec (pre 50 obviously) make it incredibly fun to play. A sniper is strong, but leveling is far more dull (sit at 30 metres, shoot till dead).

For endgame it's a bit more complicated. You'll never go dps for high end pve as an operative, so if you choose one you'll be a healer. The healing rotation itself isn't that interesting, so really it comes down to if you enjoy healing or not as easy fights for healing are thus really boring. That said, the hard fights can be a lot more fun than dps, where you just do your rotation as usual with a bit of moving around.
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chuixupu's Avatar

11.27.2012 , 09:39 PM | #7
You can do end game operations as a dps Operative and be just fine. The problem is if "just fine" is not enough, and like I said, you want to be a chart topper.
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Valentuhr's Avatar

11.28.2012 , 10:23 PM | #8
Hi guys, thought I would just pop in to maybe give my two cents on Operative vs Sniper. I have a lvl 50 Sniper and rolled an Operative now and here is what I think about it.

Operative in PVE has the advantage of stealth, that alone saved me many headaches for not getting entangled with mobs I did not want to fight. Melee is actually very effective with the combination of self healing if get a little rough for you. Rolling more healing will mean that you need to be decent on keeping not just companions alive, but also potential teammates for group action. As many have said operatives can be on the top of the leader board if they are amazing at their class, but you would want to roll a sniper if in PVP for that purpose. Overall, I would say that an operative is a strong class with the balance of heals and dps to give you a nice hybrid class and keep you rolling forward in PVE. I know from a lot of operatives who we talk with in raids say they love the class so it should be fun if you are looking for this kind of character.

Sniper on the hand is just plain awesome. The damage output you give is amazing in not just PVE, but also PVP. I felt that once I hit 30, it becomes very deadly and keeps getting better as you progress. You must remember as a sniper you will be stationary at times, and should watch yourself up close against mobs and such. Utilize the many stuns, knock backs and counters your given to be the elite on the battlefield. You do not have the luxury of self -heals (aside from meds and biochem) so you need to maximize the damage you can do to defeat opponents quickly. My own little suggestion (if it matters), I rolled an engineering/marksmanship sniper and I have not looked back at all. Shielded probe, area effects and lots more get tremendous boosts and my marksmanship gives me that edge in sniping. With that said you will love the range you are given to take enemies down hard and will enjoy being semi away from the area of conflict where you can manage yourself quite nicely.
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11.29.2012 , 03:00 AM | #9
I have an lvl 41 Oprative that I am working on right now, and a lvl 25 gunslinger. I stoped playing my slinger and stayed more with the operative mainly due to the versatility the operative can bring.

CC both droids and humanoids for 1 min

7 healing abilities
Kolto Injection - must be stationary activates Tactical Advantage (TA) increasing healing and damage (I heal avg 1.2k and crit 3.2k)
Kolto Infusion - must be stationary uses tactical advantage (I rarely use this)
Diagnostic Scan - Heal Over Time (HoT) channel ability must be stationary replenishes energy on crits (I heal about 90/sec with 120 crits, crit chance currently about 50%)
Kolto Probe – HoT Instant cast on the move crits add TA (I heal at about 400/sec with 900 crits)
Surgical Probe – HoT Instant cast on the move, uses no energy but uses TA, when target is below 30% it will replenish the TA used to cast enabling it to me spammed
Recuperative Nanotech – HoT AoE 10m radius from target, Instant cast on the move (I heal at about 400/sec with 900 crits)
Toxic Scan – instant cast on the move and removes debuffs or DoT effects

Can go stealth to avoid many mobs or drop agro when needed.

Hidden Strike, Back Stab, And Shiv damage is great, I get anything from 700-1k damage with each

Sabotage charge followed by Snipe is a one shot kill on most trash

In some cases, I cast Recuperative Nanotech and Kolto Probe on the Tank and then enjoy doing DPS from range or if I want to get some blood on my hands I run to the tank drop Recuperative Nanotech then Backstab, Shiv, Debilitate, Corrosive Dart And Overload Shot as I move back. (fun tactics)

I actually enjoy being a healer as an Operative than any other MMO I played.

The healing numbers and damage amount is current in The Factory and Colicoid War Games.

The operative has a lot in his/her arsenal to choose from.

The Sniper/Slinger is a pure DPS AC with DPS-DPS-DPS skill trees

The Operative/Scoundrel is a mixture AC and allows more options Heal-Melee DPS-Range DPS (makes it easier to fill more than one role when needed)

Everything I have stated above is my experience and opinion “Opinions are like A-____s, everyone has one”

The B.L.U.F. (Bottom Line Up Front), it's all your choice on what it is you want to do and what directions you wish to have available to you. And if you’re not happy with your choice…it’s a game…re-roll.
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02.22.2013 , 05:45 AM | #10
There exists within the game a small division of players who do not want to play an MMO, and play this game as though it were KotOR 3. They want to play PvE, enjoy the story mode, are much more concerned with the journey through the class missions than anything they will actually do once they reach level 50, and generally they have little desire to do group content. If a Heroic can't be solo'd, they usually skip it. If they get expressly recruited into a group for a Heroic or Flashpoint, they may go along with things in order to experience some new-to-them content, but generally it's not what they seek out on their own. You'll often recognize them as the people who refuse to hit space bar through the conversations in a Flashpoint, and who say practically nothing in group chat. These objectives give an entirely separate outlook on the game, and it appears to me that this is mostly the line of thinking that the original poster has.

For PvE chiefly solo play, the best combination of characters is generally the hard hitting DPS Character with the Healer Companion. Double-DPS is hard hitting, but too fragile for some of the more delicate parts. Reversal to the Healer Character with DPS Companion is less ideal, because the Companion will never perform at the same effectiveness as a Player in either Damage Output or Damage Avoidance, so it means that the fights are just generally more taxing on you as a Healer. Use of a Tank in those Character+Companion groups is generally considered a detriment, because it funnels all the damage to a single body, which burns your resources faster than if it were spread more evenly, and because the Tank kills stuff noticeably slower than the DPS. The best combination you will find purely for the purpose of leveling solo and disregarding anything you may wish to do at level 50 is the DPS Character with the Healer companion.

Because of that, you have to look at your breakdown of companions and try and find where your own ideal will fall. With the Operative, for example, you will not get your Healer companion until Act 2, when you've already leveled into your 30s. You're going to be running with the Ranged Tank or the Melee DPS for the first half of your journey. While the Sniper + Healer combo will be the easiest leveling later on (I do not say the Most Fun, Most Rewarding, Most Challenging, or Most Desireable, only that it is the easy gravy mode for the people who find their fun from actually experiencing the story), you'll have that initial hurdle to get over as toward the end of Act 1 (no spoilers) without Heals on hand. On the flip side, if you go Operative, you can be the Healer yourself, make Act 1 noticably easier, but you'll find things toward Act 3 a bit more challenging as the companions impact begins to lessen. Personally, I recommend going Sniper, and making sure to have a bit of gear for your Ship's Droid if you do find yourself in a pinch you can't handle early on.

The flip side, the Smuggler, you basically have to go Scoundrel. Companion breakdowns are Tank, Tank, DPS, DPS, and you don't see the Healer until you're in the low 40s. Act 1 will be obnoxious regardless in a few places because of being stiffed with the Tank companion, but going Gunslinger just leaves you too vulnerable until basically right at the end when stuff finally seems to come together.

This is solely my evaluation of the level 10-49 portion of the journey, when played entirely solo. Many players treat 1-49 as if it were 2 week tutorial, with the "real game" being at level 50. That is where it comes down to your own playstyle. The previous comments are correct that Operative gameplay is much more involved than Sniper, but if you are the type of player more interested in the Conversation than the Combat, I think you'll find that Sniper is the cruise mode to keep you plugging away through the story the fastest.