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Emp and Pub Guilds

Sirokai's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 01:03 PM | #1
Well pretty much all my friends have quit the game and those that game back for F2P have already quit again so I'm looking for a guild on both empire and republic side, preferably ones that focus on PvP but dabble in PvE content as well. Here's what I have toon-wise (bearing in mind I've been gone for.. a really long time):

50 Hybrid Sorc -- valor 61, mostly battlemaster gear
39 Operative

31 Jedi Guardian -- currently leveling, going to PvP
13 Trooper -- leveling after my guardian, will use for healing in PvE

Side-note: @Prophecy of the Fatman, I approve of your name. Long time.

EDIT: Just looking for a guild on Empire side now.
Sith Sorcerer (Pandemonium) - Female, Sith Pureblood; Imperial Agent (Sidelined) - Male, Chiss; Jedi Knight (Lamuh) - Male, Sith Pureblood; Trooper (Khaligto) - Female, Mirialin