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Sentinel and Marauder PVP Dalborra Records - post 1.5 only

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Sentinel and Marauder PVP Dalborra Records - post 1.5 only

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01.12.2013 , 01:01 AM | #71
Here's something perhaps someone will find interesting. Its is an experimental hyrbid spec running heavy in the focus tree, but in Juyo form.

The idea behind it is, the many clever opponents out there have been a little too good in purging/cleansing dots lately, making watchmen suffer. Straight derpasmash is well, fairly mind numbing.

Juyo smash brings in a bit of both worlds and allows you to adjust your playstyle for solo and group PVP.

For me the dots remain at at 594/1784 for Cauterize/TripOverloadSaber, with a 29.5% crit rating buffed, while also giving permacrit 3.5k smashes. However, as a bonus you can also stack singularity every 1:00 minute for a big smash if you please.
Certainly not for everyone, but it can be fun and can work. Certainly against big groups of high movement focussing NS, SNX, its less useful.

Here's one example of it in a recent Novare:
7114 smash, 48k healing, and plenty of overall damage to boot. Lots of kills, and aoe fun.

I might even do a vid soon just for the lols.
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