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Design for a Droid Class

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Design for a Droid Class

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11.26.2012 , 10:16 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Tychus View Post
The only prombelm the OP seemed to have missed was the fact that sentient droids are almost as rare as jedi wookies.
Actually, in the Star Wars universe, pretty much all droids are capable of achieving distinct personalities and able to deviate from their programmed intended behavior if left without a memory wipe for a sufficient period of time. If you want to get purely technical, most droids in the Star Wars universe are entirely sentient but are continually afflicted with complete retrograde amnesia as soon as they become old enough to start developing an independent personality (in human terms, as soon as they're 4-5 years old) purely because they're viewed as property and, to most people, a personality is a nuisance for property to acquire.

Honestly, the rarity of a droid that actually treated as a fully functional independent person is so rare that it would actually be very interesting to see what the story would develop as.

Also, it's important to keep in mind that, if you actually pay attention to the different stories for the different characters, none of them are "average" members of their class: the trooper is, essentially, the single greatest trooper in the entire Republic army, both of the Jedi are praised, right from the beginning, for being ridiculously amazing with their lightsaber (for Knights) and the Force (for Consulars). Even Smugglers are exceptional examples of their type because, while you start off pretty average, you actually become an underworld kingpin at the end of your story. Not a single one of the playable classes is intended to be an "average" example of their class. They're the best of the best or, at least, the luckiest. The fact that hordes of player characters cover the world has nothing really to do with the actual story associated with each of those characters. It's entirely feasible for one of the few droids that is actually treated as a person is playable, within the confines of the story, because none of the player classes are actually intended to be "average", and, honestly, the dichotomy of playing what amounts to what most people, even good people, see as a tool, regardless of personality, intelligence, or independence, could make for an *excellent* story.
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