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Hidden Agenda Reboot (IC)

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11.25.2012 , 02:01 PM | #41
Sabrina smiled, and replied Yes, it just one my former master took part in that battle. It where he became one with the force, amd beside fist hand knowelge is better than any book. She then realised he was nervous, she could sence his fealing`s through the force. Oh well, I better get back to my meal.

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11.25.2012 , 02:12 PM | #42
"Then ask someone else, I don't have time for telling stories to entertain children." He said in a rough, harsh tone. He got up from his seat, slung the rifle over his shoulder and checked to be sure that his sword was secured on his back before he reattached the cloak to his aging, yet effective armor. The hilt of the masterly crafted blade extruding our from the top of the cloak, leaning towards his right shoulder. "If you would excuse me, I have things to attend to." He dropped a few credit chips on the table and left for his apartments, a separate room he procured for himself for he didn't realy trust the rooms at the senate tower, he will have to return there later to check on the progress of the search.
"Command is more than just another skill. You can't train a person to make command decisions in split seconds and live with the consequences. They have to learn that for themselves. If they fail to see that, good people die. And they still have to live with that." ~ Colonel Jaime Wolf

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11.25.2012 , 02:24 PM | #43
Sabrina gave him a simple bow of the head, she realised this man was sligtly paranoid. Thus would be hard target, she could not belive in hart of the republic captial officers walked around ready for war. She thought that was just imperial officer`s what did that. She then sat dwon and finshed her meal, and began mulling over a few plans.

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11.25.2012 , 03:29 PM | #44
Khaso strode amongst the walkway leading to Malviks Cantina. He sat down at the bar and ordered a drink. He had left his helmet on the ship, mainly because he always wore his helmet on jobs. It was his first job working for the Republic and he needed to make a good impression. It was part of his cover, incase he needed to make a quick break. He sipped his drink and waited for his client
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11.25.2012 , 06:46 PM | #45
Senator Harris walked outside the senate tower, where a podium had been set up for a speach that had been planed for today. Harris had spent most of the morning rewriting his speach, which he had wrote himself rather then having his secrtery write it for him as many senators did, as he felt strongly about what he said, and wanted to use his own words. however, due to the milltary's request, he had to water it down a bit, but not so much as to be out of charicter. he got on the podium, his new secrtery not far away, looking down at the ground as if she was afraid just of being in a large group, while the camras recorded the speach and transmited it across coursant

"My fellow people! I stand before you today not as a senator, but as a fellow citizen! Look out upon our great city"! Harris swept his hand dramaticlty across the city "tell me, what do you see? I see one of the greatest, and one of the last bastions of freedom in the galaxy! The sith empire lurks in the shadows, glaring upon us with envy. they hate us for what we stand for! Free speach? Equal rights? No slavery? these are things that the empire are not, and they hate us for not conforming to their ways! We may have a peace with them now, but rest assured they will not sit quietly forever!

Even now, their sith plot, their agents lurk, waiting to weaken our resolve!"
at this zero coulden't help but crack a smirk, one no one was able to see as she was still looking down "We must not let this happen! We must stand firm! But, resolve starts with your home. Your home, our great city! One infested with criminals, gansters, and other scum that would take everything you have in a moment! That is why, I am propsing a new get tough polocy on all crime! No longer will our people walk the streets in fear. Your children will be able to play outside without any fear of being kidnaped and sold into slavery! If you want our city to be as strong as it was ten years ago, if you want to reclaim what we once had, then voice your support! Say NO to crime! Stand up, and let your voices be heard!" at this, the croud roared their support for the senator, causeing him to smile

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11.25.2012 , 06:55 PM | #46
On his way back to his apartment he couldn't stop thinking about that is happening since he arrived here on this mega-city of a planet. This morning, after reaching the end of a several day journey from the border sectors to here, he was called in by his friend and commanding officer then later spoke with an over eager Senator while running into a suspicious Chiss secretary who looked harmless but could be a very different person and now the human female dressed as a Jedi, whether or not she was a Jedi is another story. Her scent didn't give a whole lot of information except eager or the smell of a hunter which is not fitting for a Jedi and her posture was slightly off, but that could mean anything. Wolf gave a deep sigh as he scratched at his white beard, lost in deep thought, appearing to be walking at random, all the while his senses stayed alert for any sign of immediate dangers. He heard the senator's speech through the live broadcast system and stopped to watch, he could see the Chiss standing to the side, head down and for a split second he thought he saw her smile, odd. He made a mental note of that as he started walking once more.
"Command is more than just another skill. You can't train a person to make command decisions in split seconds and live with the consequences. They have to learn that for themselves. If they fail to see that, good people die. And they still have to live with that." ~ Colonel Jaime Wolf

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11.25.2012 , 07:02 PM | #47
Stannis sat mediating on his current project; an ancient Jedi holocron he had found on Tython. He could not let his desire to unravel its secret wisdom and knowledge he could feel inside cloud the path to unlocking it. His concentration was broken when he received a summons to see the Jedi council in the chamber room.

The Twe'lik walked into the great chamber room, pulling back the hood of his robes revealing his deep purple face with studied expression and ready to receive the audience of his betters. A Kel Dor Jedi master with a rich orange skin tone spoke first, "Stannis, we know your studies are important but we need you to help a fellow brother of the order we feel maybe straying from the path. Do you know Jedi Chrigel Orden?"

Stannis tried burying any pride he might be feeling from the request made of him by his superiors, and humbly and honestly answered their question, "Yes, I know Jedi Chrigel, a fine shadow and infiltrator, and very brave and honorable. If I may, what has you troubled about him?"

The council members looked at one another and slightly nodded to the Kel Dor who spoke, "While all the traits you spoke of are true, we felt deceit in his last report, also he distances himself from the order by living on his ship, and his aggressive solutions to his assignments have given us all concerns. We would like you to stay close to Chrigel, and help guide him and protect him from the darkside and himself."

"Yes master, I shall do my best to help guide my brother and aid him to the best of my abilities. It will be a my top priority" replied Stannis, and with those parting words, he slightly bowed to the council and pulled back over his hood and set off to find his peer.

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11.25.2012 , 08:42 PM | #48
I don't got much to do around here other than more hired muscle. Tell ya what. You keep the big guy over there from snapping people's necks and I'll give you all the credits hes given me. The barkeep pointed over to Chrigel who had been glaring across the room at the Zabrak he thought was a spy.

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11.25.2012 , 09:08 PM | #49
Ruoondryr pressed the elevator button and went up the tower. The doors opened and a loud ding could be heard. Ruoondryr walked around the Senate Tower 'till he saw who he was looking for. Senator Yurni! We are pleesed to finally meet you. He said to the Senator in the Talz language, attempting to imitate cheerful mood, as he led the senator to a place with none around. Who are you? The Senator asked.The Talz grabbed the Senator, covered her mouth, and knocked her out with the butt of his rifle. He then encased her in carbonite using his carbonite projector.

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11.25.2012 , 09:42 PM | #50
During is time of random walking, Wolf found himself back at the Senate Tower, either it was a chance of twisted fate or his subconscious mind telling him he needed to do something. He thought for a moment then remembered, he left the datapad back in his assigned rooms. He reached into his pocket and pinged the tracking device on it, it was still there. relieved that he didn't loose he, he double timed it back into the tower and entered the turbolift. After a few minutes of bad elevator music, the doors parted way and he stepped out. He turned right and headed down the corridor, boots thudding against the stone floor, suddenly, his ears picked up a faint sound that was unusual to the regular bustling sounds of the tower. He commed into the senate security, "This is Colonel Wolf, please check the security feeds in section I am currently in." a few moments later, a voice of a young male responded back through his ear piece, "That's a negative sir, the cameras are currently down for maintenance and will be down for some time.. Is there a problem?" Wolf thought for a moment, "No, I got it." He closed the link and drew his sword, the blade shining in the light, reflecting the heron etched into the side of the blade.

With almost no sound, even to his ears, he moved through the halls, like a hunter looking for it's prey. Sniffing the air, hearing for odd sounds, and looking for anything out of place. Not long after the call tot he security, he turned a corner and found a Talz attempting to capture a senator. Quietly he moved up to it until he was 10 to 11 paces away. He stood up straight and tall, sword held at the ready, he spoke.
"I suggest you step away, now."
"Command is more than just another skill. You can't train a person to make command decisions in split seconds and live with the consequences. They have to learn that for themselves. If they fail to see that, good people die. And they still have to live with that." ~ Colonel Jaime Wolf