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Cannot access guild functions after re-subbing

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Cannot access guild functions after re-subbing

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11.24.2012 , 03:07 AM | #1
I re-subbed within the past week after a 9 mo hiatus from the game. Upon logging in I received a message stating something along the lines of my character has been promoted to Guild Leader. Apparently no one in my guild has logged in for over 8 weeks (or longer) and, according to the 1.5 patch notes, as the first player to log back in I automatically became the Guild Leader. I wanted to start recruiting for my guild, and wanted access to the stuff I had in our guild bank, but I do not have any access to guild controls or our guild bank. Also, in the guild pane it says our guild is a Free-2-Play guild, even though I am a paying subscriber.

Is this a bug I need assistance with, or am I just misunderstanding the 1.5 patch notes. I submitted an in-game ticket, but thought perhaps someone perusing this forum may have experienced the same issue and could provide an answer.