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Carnage Marauder Gear Advice Sought

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Carnage Marauder Gear Advice Sought

rpeplins's Avatar

11.24.2012 , 12:16 AM | #1
Hello all, long post looking for some advice for my Valor 62 Carnage Marauder.

I'm at the 1/2 BM, 1/2 WH, smidge of Recruit gear point. Missing relics, implants, head, chest, legs, belt.
Up until this point I've been pretty much buying the Bioware Marauder Approved PvP gearset. So I'm outfitted in Weaponmaster BM/WH gearsets so far.

So its:
Hands WH
Feet WH
Ear WH
Wrist WH
Head BM
Chest BM
Waist BM
Legs BM
Implant BM
Implant BM
Relic Recruit
Relic Recruit

8 pieces of BM/Recruit left, but I'm running into some questions.

I've been augmenting my WH gear as I get it, and at this point I'm:
1385 Str
1479 End (17.4k health)
1266 Exp
103% Accuracy
36% Crit (30% DR)
77% Surge (75% DR)

If I upgrade to the WH implants, I lose out on a ton of Crit for Power. Which is a bad trade for us correct? Admittedly my web-research says that after 30% Crit you are in diminishing returns for Crit, but the other gains on the implants are minimal (5 Str, 6 Exp, 2 Surge). Is it worth turning in Crit (-102) for Power (+138) on the implants?

Same deal with the relics. Replacing one of my relics (Recruit Champion Relic of Forbidden Secrets) with the Warhero Relic of Boundless Ages results in a +7 End, +9 Exp, +113 Power, -57 Crit, -57 Surge. Again, I'm into DR on the Surge and Crit (just barely on Surge), but Power is the lowest stat priority as far as I know.

I'm willing to do research obviously, but the itemization seems odd, and I've heard that maybe going straight weaponmaster gear/mods/enhancements isn't the way to go. I've also heard that there might be a point where Expertise for DPS isn't the god-stat anymore.

Nothing seems to be pointing me in a definite direction, so I turn to our community for help. Where should I go from here? Continue on the Weaponmaster WH track laid out by Bioware?