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Re Living Revan's Darkside story with HK-51 (well sorta)

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Re Living Revan's Darkside story with HK-51 (well sorta)

majorBlasphemy's Avatar

11.23.2012 , 07:09 PM | #1
Does he look the part?

let me know what you guys think :P

Kakashioftheye's Avatar

11.24.2012 , 10:30 AM | #2
I think he looks pretty good. Just to let you know though, on SWTORSPY there is a thread labeled super rare cartel market items. The thread includes some of the "super rares" that are on the market now (ie: Nihilius' mask, Overlord's throne, ect) s well as some future items. Three of those items are Revans'. His mask, chest piece, and lower robes.

Anysao's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 04:11 AM | #3
I'd consider throwing on an inverstigator's mask, but other then that, he looks perfect. However, you may not be able to keep the name for long. People will report you. I did the same thing awhile back (only as a jedi knight, light side story), with the name Revān. Got reported, went as Revaan. Then Revān again. Then I gave up on the name, but did live the story.

Anyways, best of luck to you, hope you can keep the name forever!

Oh, and if you don't mind my asking, which advanced class will you choose?
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