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200+K protection, how do they do that!

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200+K protection, how do they do that!

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11.23.2012 , 11:49 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Memo- View Post
Oh wow, are you kidding me? I had no idea such skills existed! Thanks!

I was talking of the effect of the single-target taunt and the exaggaration on numbers the previous poster presented. Of course you can fill in gaps with the AoE-taunt but it has a longer cooldown and would be wasted on a single target. Guard also wasn't the point of my post. Of course the two also accumulate Protection points. But the math back there was just wrong.

//There, I edited the quote to lower the chance of getting these idiotic answers any more.
How is he stretching anything? The very thread itself boasts of 200k protection which is even more than 30% of 500k damage. I believe his point was that you can mitigate a lot of damage, not that you can specifically shut one player down completely.

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11.24.2012 , 12:37 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Banderal View Post
Ok, I run a shadow "tank" on POT5 (Imagynary). I have full BM, with WH hands. I took the "tanking" gear. I've read that the DPS gear might be preferable, but read it too late for me - so I still have the tanking gear right now. That said, I notice that when I feel like I'm having a "good" game I'll have maybe 50-60K prot on the score board at the end, and some healing, some DPS (I don't keep track of those as much, so I don't remember numbers).

Everyone once in a while I'll see someone, though, with 200+K prot. How they heck do they do that!? I try to keep a guard on a healer by default, or whoever looks like they can use it best. I try to stay close to them so the guard keeps working. I try to catch groups of people for my AOE taunt. Admittedly I probably do not watch the cooldown on taunt closely enough, and fire it off again right away.

Just wondering if anyone has advice for what I might be missing. Do I need to just be more ready with the taunts, or am I doing something obviously, stupidly wrong?

Thanks for any help!
You need good healers on your team, the game has to last quite a while, and the enemy dps must not be that good.

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11.24.2012 , 06:01 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by adiwantinova View Post
First thing is first, you have to have the right conditions in place; you have to have at least one amazing healer (or a couple of good healers) that will keep you up. You have to be playing a team that can push damage. You have to be on the primary Zerg node/door.

If those conditions exist, you can hit 200K protection easy. My personal best was in a ranked WZ with nearly 500K protection.

- Use single target taunt on the guy trying to do AOE damage
- Get into the fray of combat & use the area taunt, then move out ASAP (so they don't target you)
- Keep your "guard" on keybind, swap it to whoever is getting burned down
- Only use your area mezzes when you're trying to buy your healer some time to self heal
- Only use single target stun/roots, etc when you have to get away

For Guardians, be sure to Guardian Leap to the player that is getting burned down, as this grants an additional 20% damage mitigation buff for a few seconds (all counting towards your protection stats).

Follow these steps & you can secure big numbers pretty easily.
What this guy said, with a little extra (I can't provide, but my tank buddy could).

Most people think its enough to guard the healer and stick with it (which is rare on itself).But a true tank guards whoever is getting burned and switches to whatever person needs it.

Taunts are important, they should be on cd constantly
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