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Immortal threat?

Bawsko's Avatar

11.21.2012 , 06:38 PM | #1
I've seen a few complaints about where Juggernaut threat is right now. Just tanked a hard mode dungeon. Despite a gear difference between myself and more seasoned players, I was slamming my rotation as hard as I could, and was facing a constant stream of threat issues.

The veterans gave me some time to build up threat, but could not help taking it from me very easily. Would it be appropriate to complain? Are these forums read by the devs?

BlownSi's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 08:47 AM | #2
I had this issue when I first started tanking the harder content in the game, like SM and HM EC, TFB, Etc. After a little research, I learned two things.

1. Your rotation has to be on the ball, or your dps will pull aggro. Taunts should be part of your rotation on boss fights.

2. Make sure you are shielding your higher dps clases, specifically your Mara's or Snipers. These are usually the only two that ever have pulled mobs away from me.

There are a couple of threads floating around about rotation priority so I would say to do a few searches for those. They helped me out greatly. There are also a few different specs out there, so you have to test them out a little to see which one works for you. Here are the two specs I have used. The second one I just moved to this past week and it has worked really well.

Full Immortal:

immortal/Vengeance Hybrid:

Most do not take Backhand in that hybrid build, but I personally like it just for an extra control on trash when needed. The reason I take Decimate in the rage tree as well is that Jugg AOE threat gen sucks balls, and since this talent helps Smash and Sweeping Slash, it comes in handy for some of the group trash pulls you have to tank.

Last but not least, let me make this point clear. As a tank, your job obviously is to keep the damage off of healers and dps. That being said, your target priority should flow downward from Elite, Strong, and then Normals. If your dps is actually any good, they will clean up normals on their own. I NEVER bother with normals unless they are close proximity to the strong or elite I am tanking. If your dps is not doing this and blaming you for not holding aggro, they suck at dps and should go die in a dark hole somewhere.