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Tanking questions - @gear

RamasSoKehur's Avatar

11.21.2012 , 07:14 AM | #1
I just went back playing and lvled my Jug to 50

A friend of mine is beeing realy annoying, he wanna heal (o lord save us) so i will tank

I just got 50 but i have no clue about gear.

I need to start farming Flashpoints - normal and hm but i don't know what lvl of gear i will need

To normal flashP. i think i'm ok but i have no clue if i will be able to tank HMs, and, i'm lazy to try and get ppl crying all over the dungeon.

If someone can tell a bit about gear/status i will be glad

BlownSi's Avatar

11.21.2012 , 07:29 AM | #2
Well, everyone has to start somewhere, so......

HM Flashpoints are going to drop Columi gear. The best way to start is by doing dailies to get the purple mods armorings and enhancements and then get to running the HM FP's. Really though, you should be able to tank them with lvl 50 gear. If you have Tionese comms and crystals, that gear is also a good starting point.
SM Operations are also a great place to get Columi level stuff quickly. Once in full Columi, you can start easily tanking the HM Operations to get Rakata gear.

Your skill in tanking will make more of a difference than anything. The gear will just make it easier on the healers. The main thing to remember with Jugg tanking is that your AOE threat gen sucks bollocks. As the tank, you should focus mainly on the strongs and elites in the FP and let the dps take care of the normal mobs if the npc's are spread out. If the dps or healer complains about you not getting aggro on everything and they are not taking care of the normals, they suck as dps, plain and simple. Of course at that point I always spite them by letting a strong or elite pound on them a few times. This usually drives my point home.