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To all F2P players

thomasbaxter's Avatar

11.24.2012 , 07:03 PM | #11
"Don't attack the CCed droid"

(All attack the cced droid)


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11.25.2012 , 04:14 AM | #12
The only problem i see are indeed FP's. Like with many other games people leave when you have a single wipe, pathetic people really. Do not join an FP or Ops if you can't take wiping because that is part of it.

About FP's, let me share something, i went into Manda with one of my alts and it started as being horrible.

I was the Vanguard tank, not a great one mind you, but i was doing my best. Thing with SWTOR is that it requires some practice and it's not as easy as in WOW for example. The problem here was that one of the folks in the group, a Commando, attacked either the wrong mob or attacked before i did and pulled mobs to him...literally. Then i would have to try to get the mobs away from the group and the healer. Of course the healer would just type "agro!" in chat and blame me. When we were doing a boss i pulled it and normally you give the tank the chance to round him and the two adds up, but the commando started blasting around like crazy and went to the boss before the adds were down. I tried but i could not keep aggro on the two adds, taunting didn't do a thing. We managed to kill the boss and adds but i was blamed agai for the chaotic fight. So i was about to leave, when i decided i would explain how tanking works. I did and after that it went a lot better, we still had two wipes, but in the end we managed to complete the FP.

So what's the point of my post: communication.

If something is wrong do not assume the other person knows, ask them about it, talk it over and hopefully try to fix it.

Just my 2 humble cents.

Nortumberland's Avatar

11.25.2012 , 12:01 PM | #13
Ok. I totally give up leveling commando healer. I can't handle 3 noobs in FP// 5/8 noobs in pvp anymore. Since it's my 9-th 50 lvl have no desire to do planet quests anymore, so I'll just pull 6 levels on my operative and won't make a step on sub 50 locations... Today got 12 warzones lost (most 3/0 or 6/0) and 3 Hammer Stations with 0 loot (shadow @tank@ needed everything/commando took and left the group/ I tanked instead of a tank...) Good luck on your battlefield guys.

Petnil's Avatar

11.27.2012 , 10:49 AM | #14
Like someone said earlier. Many times it can be fixed with some comunication. Take a bit of responsibility for your group especially if your the experienced one. It takes a min or two to get tell people how you want things done, and it can improve peoples game alot. After the fist pull when some dps have tunnelvisioned on the big elites while you as tank had to go pick up adds, tell him how you want it done. If he keeps tunneling just let him tank the big elite while you pick up adds. If he dies enough times maybe heŽll learn.

Still, Comunication is the key.

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11.27.2012 , 11:09 AM | #15
What do you do when your tank tries to run across the drop in Hammer Station when there's no bridge?

Nortumberland's Avatar

11.27.2012 , 12:51 PM | #16
Well, I'm trying to communicate, but usually I see smth like :
15-20 min in GF (somewhy F2P's avoid it)
"You've enetered xxxxx"
nnnnn leaves the group
***kk leaves the group
15 sec of silence
jjjj leaves the group
'the group has been disbanded"
15-20 mins again....

or stuff like....

"Hello guys! Pal, you should use a stance for tanking, ur gear is also 0 durability)" (see tons of ppl with no self buffs/stances with broken gear)-silence/ "I tank the droid u tank the adds"-->he dies, dps/me tank the stuff

Srsly, I've completed all PvE stuff and I want to lvl another twink, but I can't coz it's either frustrating (pvp/fp), either boring + frustrating (done all side quests 2 times on each side/ don't have any +exp buffs on pve / noob f2p's killing every mob they see even if they don't have to....)
I've dinged my JK several days before 1.5 hit, but I never had a hard time lvling either pvp(it was bad, but not terrible like it's now), either pve( still enough ppl to group with, not too much to wait for mobs to spawn all the time). Why would I play if I have noth to do but dailies/some pvp? More importantly, why can't I enjoy the game as usual if I pay for it?

Fiamma_Verde's Avatar

11.27.2012 , 03:09 PM | #17
I don't think that it's a f2p thing inherantly. We just got a rush of new players at once. I'm sure a few of them haven't played an mmo before either. Just give them time to learn their class, how how the different war zones work.

I remember when I started playing I had no idea that there was a pass the ball skill for Hutt Ball, and when my shadow got her first taunt I wondered why the hell anyone would want to use that. Didn't figure out what a healer and tank were really for until I had an epiphany on Alderaan. xD

TeRrAsHaDe's Avatar

12.02.2012 , 05:04 PM | #18
Well with FTPer's there's only one thing that i have seen that's annoyed me, was running a Red Reaper for the Daily reward earlier today im level 50 and totally over geared for it so its pretty fast running after killing the second boss one of the dps (there was a healer sorcerer level 44 dps marauder level 44 and a dps marauder level 47) after killing the boss and clearing the trash that attack after he needs on the loot (Fair enough its marauder loot i am passing on ot all anyway if he wants the loot have it no problem with that) he gets the loot fair enough then just leaves the group while hes still in it i put
"Why are you leaving?"
[no reply]
so he leaves at which point i was like fine ok as we continue clearing trash to next boss however i did pm him saying
"Why did you leave mate please tell me your not a ninja ?"
he replied saying "Why are u bothered i needed on gear its for my class and i left cause i have no loot rolls for last boss im a FTP player"
At that point i was like maybe you would stay for 1. to finish what you started 2. to help run the others through the fp (not that we needed him lol but its just polite) 3. to get the xp for the rest of the flashpoint and the daily, after saying this to him he just said "Another dps is easy to find" i just replied "not the point tho is it" other than that ive had no trouble with FTP players yet tho i haven't tried leveling a character since 1.5
RogueMarauder Level 55

Przemo_No's Avatar

12.03.2012 , 03:00 AM | #19
Seriously people would do that?
I have never experienced it, but I was not that active with my alts.. now, I see I might missed the right point.. otherwise it may be really difficult.

But then, maybe it;s worth asking at FP beginning whether people know the mechanics, or who is F2P ?

have to try it myself...
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12.03.2012 , 07:24 AM | #20
One thing that does tick me off a little is.. I like to go to DK often (to visit the legacy vendors), i'm lazy so ill just take the shuttle. Every dam time i walk past the BT entrance i get a group invite or like half a dozen whispers from people asking me to help them. GF EXISTS FOR A REASON. So do the game tutorials.
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