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Need help with a surname (legacy) (char story included)

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Need help with a surname (legacy) (char story included)

EpicBloood's Avatar

11.21.2012 , 01:12 AM | #1
So I somehow seem to have gotten a free rename, and do not like my current legacy name at all. I am trying to pick a good one, but am drawing blanks. I really want it to be semi RP, that can go for both imps and rep (more to the imp/sith side though)

A little background into the RP I have developed for my two chars (sith assassing & Jedi warrior)

My sith assassin (Zurrem) is a zabrak who was a house slave to a minor sith lord before being discovered as force sensative. He never knew his parents and his master was cruel. these all led to great anger and resentment, and thus the dark side. He now takes out his anger on anyone who gets in his way, be they republic, or imperial.

My Jedi warrior (Aelten) is the son of Zurrem and his apprentice (Ashara). While his dad was absent most of his life, his mother passed on her ideals of the light side of the force. He knew he never wanted to be like his father, so naturally when he was discovered to be force sensitive he ran away to be trained as a Jedi. He exelled and helped many people and truely embraced the light side of the force.

These are just snippits of the background I have developed for my chars, but I don't think more is necessary to think of a good surname.
thanks for reading & helping

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11.21.2012 , 04:10 AM | #2
When i had trouble thinking of my legacy name i used this name generator site. Hope it helps