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Please Improve Customer Service (And Help Me If Possible)

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Please Improve Customer Service (And Help Me If Possible)

UltraMav's Avatar

11.27.2012 , 08:07 PM | #11
I just wanted to provide an update to my issue here and state how pleased I am with the customer service I finally did end up receiving today. Even though it did take a long time and there was a hiccup with M0-T0, I am grateful for the resolution of this issue by my CS rep Dave, and I am especially grateful for the good gesture of compensating me with additional CC coins for the slow response.

Kudos to BW for coming through, even if it did take you awhile. Please still consider removing M0-T0 from the equation, as it seems that was the primary barrier to proper customer service besides the long wait times.

Thanks to Dave once again and to the CS department, who proved to me that they can treat the customer right, even if it requires a little more patience at times.