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what's a reasonable tip for a crafter?

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what's a reasonable tip for a crafter?

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11.21.2012 , 09:16 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Alec_Fortescue View Post
Take into account that some items are more popular while other are less. Some of them are known by many crafters, some by very few or even one. One hilt is not equal to another hilt. A might hilt 27 is known by a dozen of crafters. A Resolve hilt 27 is known to two crafters on the server. Both hilts might be on equal demand, however there is less competition and "supply" on the Resolve hilt. It's obvious it will be more expensive and, the most important reason for which IT SHOULD BE expensive (500k-1 mil) to craft are schem-stealers. Lucky "nabs" who got server-first schematic are happy that someone ordered like 5-10 armorings from them @ 300k each. They craft and the other day they see the person who bought'em crafting them himself and undercutting the original crafter severely. From there the armoring spreads like a disease and every c-tech on the serve has it.

Oferring someone, who is exclusively crafting a rare hilt/armoring/barrel on the server, anything below 500k is an insult and a joke. You must understan that many of them go through a lot to discover those things.Not everyone is lucky enough to discover a schematic on the first try. If they got something server first they will want to make money out of it which they well deserve. Selling those things cheaply has very bad results as a day after some lucky moron gets it and starts flooding, entire crafter population has and he has a hard time making credits.

500k-1 million for a unique item is nothing compared to the time you must spend in the Operation to get your stuff. I know guilds that are still stuck at TFB HM 8 man since 1.4.

Do not be surprised if you are charged over 500k for a rare item. It is the only way to ensure that it's gonna last long in your hands and nobody will steal it. If Bioware would change crafting system this would not be the case but it's the only way to make money on your exclusive stuff. I managed to hold my Resolve hilt 27 exclusive for over a month. People had no alternative and they paid either 3+ mil for the hilt itself or 1 mil crafting fee. Once somebody else got it we fixed prices and he was glad and happy with it as he realised it's bringing hell lot of more credits than stupid undercutting. Then after month and half some fool came in and ruined it all for everyone. Was good while it lasted.

Reasonable fee depends on the grade 27 item's rarity and popularity:

If it's known by many crafters and is quite popular (most sought-after stats) - >-180k-250k
If known by few crafters and is quite popular - 300k-500k
If known by one-three people on the server and is quite sought-after - 600k-1mil

It is sickening to see how people, early on, are acquiring their gear through sweat and blood and the fruits of their labour are later exploited which allows the rest of the server to gear up extremely quick with minimum effort. For me high prices for rare items is a matter of principle. There are many items I can't make and yet I don't spit or laugh at the crafters who make them and want to make as much of them as they can before someone steals it. If most players were those proper end-game raiders they'd understand.
Since when is anything server-first since the server merges? It's impossible for a group of crafters to not know a lot of the more desired schematics. I don't mean 5 or 10 either, I mean 30+ or so at any given time.

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11.22.2012 , 07:39 AM | #12
For a guildee? Assuming we're talking someone who is established in the guild, and you give them the mats, then it should really be zero tip and you should be given the crit duplicate. You're in a guild together right? Raiding will be easier the more people have better gear.

If the duplicate's not required then stick it in the guild bank and some other guildee will come in for it - and if you're like ours, you charge a reduced price for items taken out - hey, a contribution to repair bills/stims etc.

Your guild rules should cover nefarious behaviour though, if said guildee takes and then is found to be selling them, should be a matter for the guild master, hopefully you've got good and trustworthy guildees though.

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11.22.2012 , 08:30 AM | #13
I'd also like to point out mistake too many do people when they refer to the crafting fee as both tip/fee. Because of this I assumed that you might mean a fee in the OP. Fee is when you pay someone for the service. Tip is given to someone who's crafting for you entirely free and it's totally up to you how much you want to pay. Reasonable TIP (not a fee) for a grade 27 item would be anything beyond 80k Please thank me for a victorious five-year fight for traditional Jedi robes in SWTOR.