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When will Flashpoint loot drops be readjusted?

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When will Flashpoint loot drops be readjusted?

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11.21.2012 , 01:09 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Larry_Dallas View Post
Mistyped, but, uh, thanks.

Plasma Arc losing its activation time is most-definitely a nerf. It used to screw up the ability of the tank to position the thing. Tank would be dragging him, he'd stop in the middle of a bubble and the tank would potentially have to eat bubble damage or risk an incinerate going off while out of intercept range (in some cases...note that I'm just talking about problems people did run into while learning the fight, not problems they should have run into if the tank was doing it right).

And the 3 second warning is also big. When the FP launched, there was no such warning and, for half the people trying to do the thing the first plasma arc would be invisible because of the crappy engine.

But I feel there have been more stealth nerfs to HM LI that haven't been listed in those patch notes. Savrak's spit is something else that seems to have been nerfed even in Hard mode. Used to be tough-ish to heal through. Now, it's nothing. His enrage also seems more lenient.
No the spit still hits just as hard as it always has, and his enrage still one shots people. perhaps it seems easier because you have better gear now. The three second warning is nice, especially compared to the nothing we used to get but it's still not enough time to get the balls away from the party reliably.
if it drops on your healer he/she has to stop healing the tank to move it which generally over stresses them.
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11.21.2012 , 05:57 PM | #22
I can't really comment on what has been said as far as better gear dropping in HMs but I'd settle for the item that drops for columi gear being universal (ya know columi boots, columi chest). I've run about 20 HMs so far (I know it's not a ton) but have yet to see anything other than jedi drops off the final bosses, it's starting to be very discouraging, even more so when the item is just greeded because all the jedi already have the items.

I'm wearing just customs with armor and mods/enhancements with the daily items in them, I do have my columi belt and bracers but my god can I PLEASE get something with a set bonus on it already?? I almost have enough coms for to BUY my chest piece but I know if I do it'll be the first item i actually get.

Edit: I just realized I can buy 4 pieces of Tionese armor with all the coms and crystals I have but I haven't gotten any of them to drop (Tionese or Columi) that's just sad.