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I'm a current subscriber yet my account when I log in acts like I am not...

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I'm a current subscriber yet my account when I log in acts like I am not...
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11.23.2012 , 08:43 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Sutii View Post
Hello everyone,

We are currently investigating this issue internally. If you find yourself in this situation again (going from subscriber to preferred or Free-to-Play and back again), please go ahead and post the following and we will investigate further:
  1. Your character name.
  2. Your server name.
  3. Area logged in to (ie. Republic Fleet, Voss, etc).
  4. Approximate time when the incident occurred.
Character - Guildwarstoo
Server - Jedi Covenant
Area - Alderaan, Thul Cantina
TIme - logged out around 8:30 EDT, logged back in around 9:30 EDT and had the problem.

Of course, same problems as everyone else. Lost my speeder piloting, quick bars setup (how the heck is this not saved client-side??), etc. Logged back in, problem resolved itself, but my quickbars are still empty and it took FOREVER to set them up. Not acceptable that this is happening at all, let alone to so many people.

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11.24.2012 , 12:27 PM | #32
At the very minimum what they should add for now is a login check. "You are logging in this character as a FREE TO PLAY character. Proceed?" Yes or No or Subscribe or Already Subscribed. Then allow that Already Subscribed button to force a re-examination or have to reload the game.

Personally, I wish they wouldn't need something like this. But the hackey sack programming done so far in this game indicates that they may not have the guys on staff to actually make this work the way they intended.

Another option - and my preferred one - get rid of having to buy quickbars - make 4 the standard for preferred players (players who've paid at least 5$ at some point) - 2 for free players who've never paid anything at all - and 6 for subscribers or for people who buy the extra 2 quickbars from the store as spending any money would get you to 4 quickbars..... this would at least elimnate the quickbar problem for MOST people. The losing rested XP issue is another one completely. I'm annoyed wiht this one as well. This can only be solved by have characters in two states. If they have rested XP and switch to f2p - keep the rested XP but don't let the character use it. How hard is that?

Honestly amazed you guys didn't think of this stuff before releasing the f2p patch. Didn't you reserach League of Legends and DCUO and so on before doing this?
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11.24.2012 , 03:12 PM | #33
1. Brakkis
2. Shadowlands
3. Belsavis, The Tomb, Ruined Rakata Machine Chamber (in the imperial remote post)
4. 4.05PM eastern, 24th Nov 2012

Same issues as everyone else. My speeders are gone, hotbuttons are all reset, rested XP is gone once I logged out/back in.

As with everyone else who's had this happen, it's infuriating that I now need to spend my time getting all this back with no confirmation that it won't happen again. As a returning subscriber who returned because so many of the bugs that initially caused me to quit had been fixed, it's disappointing to see so many fresh new ones.

[edit] - thankfully it looks like this only affected the one character.


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11.24.2012 , 04:43 PM | #34
11.21.2012 , 04:53 PM | #14
Q. Your character name.
A. D'Krithin'ar

Q. Your server name.
A. The Progenitor

Q. Area logged in to (ie. Republic Fleet, Voss, etc).
A. Coruscant

Q. Approximate time when the incident occurred.
A. 5:30pm eastern time US (yes I'm an infiltrator)

Further information:

I've filed a ticket before about how sometimes when I time out to server select due to getting up to get a coffee or what have you, it tells me that my account is not authorized to log in and I have to quit the client and restart. Well, that's just what happened this time. Error 3001 (you can check my ticket history on 10/16 for the specific closed ticket 6623036).

When I logged back in all my quickbars but one were gone and I couldn't say more than one thing in chat per minute and so on. Yay.

Got out of the client, restarted it, and all is well except redoing all my hotbars. UGH. So frustrating! This is a new character that I started to hang out and help the new folks this week. Makes me afraid to log into my high levels. Maybe I should take screenshots of their hotbars? Shouldn't be required. *sigh*
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11.24.2012 , 05:04 PM | #35
having the issue across whole acount where tried sub to 60 days, then set up a recurring sub and in free to play prefered status.

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11.24.2012 , 06:04 PM | #36
same here,

1. Karmakoma
2. T3-M4
3. Donīt know exactly - most probably it was Hoth
4. 16th of November at around 16:00 GMT -1 ( see my ticket regarding the issue )

speeders gone, quickbars went to hell, ....
Had no probs regarding this since then, but I am not sure if itīs safe now to spend any coins on perks now.

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11.24.2012 , 08:31 PM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by Sendai_S View Post
Honestly amazed you guys didn't think of this stuff before releasing the f2p patch. Didn't you reserach League of Legends and DCUO and so on before doing this?
Yep. Either "cheat" and "steal" or use enough time to come up with foolproof program logic. If you don't have enough time to add "safety and support", then you are too busy.

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11.25.2012 , 08:07 AM | #38
1.Your character name.

2.Your server name.
The Harbinger

3.Area logged in to (ie. Republic Fleet, Voss, etc).

4.Approximate time when the incident occurred.
Erm.. 5am PST? 11/25

Logged out, back in and the quickslots are back, missing all their bound keys, i had 7 emails with all my preloaded stuff, I haven't yet checked my titles to be safe, and about 400k rested xp is gone.

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11.25.2012 , 08:27 AM | #39
Your character name: Allamaris
Your server name: The Red Eclipse EU
Area logged in to Shaadar planet Nikto Sector
Approximate time when the incident occurred: About an hour ago.

I lost my special edition Mount for my character panel and 200k credits....

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11.25.2012 , 10:39 AM | #40
Your character name:
- Kotein
Your server name:
- Harbinger
Area logged in to:
- Nar Shaddaa
Approximate time when the incident occurred:
- 5 a.m. pst

this is a bugfest! I had to restart the game client, and it restored my sub, but as someone mentioned it can happen more than once
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