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RayGonJinn's Avatar

11.19.2012 , 06:58 PM | #1
It's been a while since the controversial Raygon posted something in the forums. Topic of the moment is GG :P for those who don't know what GG is, it mean Good Game. As in wow that was a dream match, or Damn that was a close match. I wanna know since when was skunk matches "Good Games"?!? 6-0 in The Pit is not a f'n GG. 600-0 is not a GG in Civil War. 100%-0% in Novare Coast is not a GG. I'm not even going to say anything about Voidstar. Bottom line I'm sick of idiots being quick to call out GG when clearly it wasn't? Who the hell was it a GG for? The winning team yeah and it's just dreadful for the other team. Stop being full of it and saying GG at the end of games that weren't good games at all.

Hey it's everyone's right to Queue 4 man groups in warzones. Why wouldn't the best players group with the best and to go have a very good performance in Warzones. Yeah yeah you can say i'm crying but clearly you never found out that I never give a D*** about what someone says or thinks of me. I'm not crying because I don't get my tush handed to me in Warzones but my team does and a player in warzones is only as good as his team. You guys can say I suck all you want but just know that every time you engage me in combat you're facing someone playing on a Macbook Pro and uses the track pad for the mouse, and still hangs with the so called "Best".

And 1 last thing I love how people accuse me of becoming a monster in a bad way :P I mean... its not like weeks ago when i felt bad about how the pubs were pounding imps and pubs would go for 3 caps and the imps clearly couldn't gain anything from fighting, and when I'd see some lone imp i can beat or hold for backup incoming I'd just tell the imp in say chat to just take the point. Yes Raygon actually does that... when we clearly had Warzone's won and I felt bad i'd sit there and let that stealthy think they got a cap on me. I'd emote them while they were capping to let them know who gave it to them. Call me a rager/monster/noob/ whatever it is your guys use to classify me but I'm not blind to what a Good Game really is. Reynega you really like to use GG a lot. You don't like or respect me and I don't like or respect you, just remember you may be my class equivalent but you'll never be me.

Hey Guys I'm the Controversial Raygon! and I'm out :P

PoliteAssasin's Avatar

11.19.2012 , 07:59 PM | #2
Haha preach on Ray :P

In my experience, people who say GG usually do it after experiencing a loss pugging in warzones, and then go to form 4 man groups, try to get those two groups in a reg warzone, essentially making it a ranked scenario, and then feel much better about their previous losses. They tend to feel the need to throw out the "gg" comment to make them feel like they've accomplished something when in fact all they did was beat a few pugs. Big deal. Again this is the trend I've noticed when coming across the GGers, they always fit this criteria.

Very seldom do we have good games on the server, where both sides gave it their all, and they are as you said close games, or very well fought games. Also, there is only one Ray, Gargy can't even hope to be you. If you hadn't told me that you played on a laptop, I wouldn't have even noticed. Keep on fighting man.
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11.19.2012 , 08:42 PM | #3
You my boy RAY!

Zenithan's Avatar

11.19.2012 , 09:08 PM | #4
You're absolutely right, Ray. It confuses me when players on the winning team toss out a "gg" after they go 6-0 in Huttball with very little resistance. At that point, saying "gg" isn't sportsmanship, it's just a bit rude. Maybe I'm not getting it, though.

Coming from StarCraft, "gg" is almost always said by the loser just before they leave the game, and the winner usually replies with a "gg" of their own. When the winner says "gg" first, it's seen as bad manners. This is pretty much what I go by in warzones; if I lose a close game, I'll try to say "gg" to show that there are no hard feelings and that the competition was good. I also try to "gg" back if someone on the losing team says it.

Unfortunately, like Neo said, there really aren't that many legitimately close games. It tends to be premade vs. pug a lot of the time, and 6-0 facestomps are usually not good games...