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Question about F2P FP limitation

Morrgans's Avatar

11.19.2012 , 08:24 AM | #1
Peace Folks!

I searched the forums adn the FAQ to F2P, but found no answer concerning the FP restrictions for F2P/Preferred Players.
It is stated that F2P players can only loot/participate in 3 FPs a week. WHat exactly does this entail? I have specific questions concerning this:
As a F2P player
1) can i run FPs indefinatedly, or can I only participate 3 times a week? "run" means follow through the story, have dialog, social poinst, light/darkside choices etc. NO LOOT of green/prototype/artifact quality. E.G I pass every loot roll besides grey/white equipment.
2) When exactly is the counter 3 FP per week reduced? I participate? I hit need/greed on an item role? I win an item?
3) Does 3 mean three items won? 3 roles on need/greed? 3 runs on a flashpoint where i select at least 1 time need/greed?
4) Could I therefore run a FP indefinetedly, when I do not select need/greed? If yes, F2P players could establish a "now I get every item" policy: You form a group and everyone passes except on of the F2P. The rerun and another gets the items etcetc.
5) What about trade? One can trade the items aquired in a FP if it is not equipped for 2hours I think. So if I did not hit need, I could still get the item via trade. Does this reduce the counter as well?

6) I think there was something more, which I forgot, will update when I remember.
If someone of PTS or a dev (^^) has an answer to this I would be most greatful!


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11.22.2012 , 07:39 AM | #2
No reply? Come one people? You do not know or you do not want to answer?
Was my post to trivial?
Considering this is one of the most debated topics (besides the quick bars) I am curious about it.


Pubsam's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 09:48 AM | #3
Well, I'll guarantee whether or not you take any loot out won't make a difference. But I am curious as to whether you are credited your FP upon stepping in, or only upon completion.

My guess is that it's completion, ie finishing the mission for the FP will tick off one of your week's FPs. The only reason I could think they wouldn't do it that way is that you could potentially complete nearly all of a flashpoint without completing the mission for it, abandon the mission, and still have your 3 FPs available. But I guess if someone were patient enough to do that just to see all the FPs in one week, kudos to them.
Time for a nap.