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New DG relics suggestion

Nortumberland's Avatar

11.19.2012 , 02:18 AM | #1
Hey guys, since 1.5 is live I find it a good time to change the relic setup on my vanguard. So here comes the question -- which one is better?

- Absorb proc one (94 endurance + 455 absorb rating for 6 seconds)
- Shield+Absorb rating on-click one
- Defense rating rating on-click one

My stats unbuffed are:

24k hp
53.78 DR
14% Def (with set bonus)
60% Shield
55.98 Absorb (~64% with Screen buff)

Currently I'm using WH Shield relic and BH absorb proc one. Since my Shield chance is rather high, it seems Absorb one procs on CD, so it would be nice to get extra HP and abs from the upgraded one. On the other hand, having a small CD for 20 sec on demand would be very nice too. Can't say on the def one though. My def chance is pretty low, but when i tried to push it up to 20-22% I found myself harder to manage ammo (stock strike proc was noticably less too. So I doubt this one is good for me.

I'm opened to any suggestions on this point. Thank you in advance!

TheRampage's Avatar

11.20.2012 , 06:04 PM | #2
YOu should aim for 18 - 60 - 60. That said, Absorb proc one would be my first choice, upgrade from BH one, and if there is no dread with shield (is it?) I would stay on Wh with shield chance. You can never have too much shield chance, you are vanguard, that is your basic defensive ability