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"Much Needed Character Creation/Gear/Quest Updates."

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"Much Needed Character Creation/Gear/Quest Updates."

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11.19.2012 , 12:19 AM | #1
Hello all,
There are three main reasons this thread needed to be posted.

1) Character customization needs detail orriented updates.

2) Character species needs an expansion of variety.

3) Character gear customization/Quest chain for customizable color crystal needs to be incorporated.

4) Because I want everyone to post their thoughts about this thread, their own opinions relating to this thread, and to get the attention of those who are designing the future of this MMORPG.

Lets begin shall we, but first ; Keep in mind to be respectful and not to bring personal frustrational babble into this thread. Avoid unnecesary arguments, and remember although you may be extremely pro advanced character customization or careless regarding character customization, please seek to be selfless and understanding of both point of views. Also, to be thinking to the best of your capability positivity regarding Star Wars the Old Republic Staff who has put so much hard work and time into creating a very diverse and great game for all of us to even have in our selection of game play. As well as to support this thread with comments of any size to be apart of a possibility in potential growth in this MMORPG regarding this subject matter. Also be thinking of this in terms of for Male and Female genders. So if your a male player, support this for female gamers who want greater variety. if your a female, support this for males who may not care as much to get them excited.

1) Character customization needs detail orriented updates:

When you first start this game there is an immediate requirement of decision making. First deciding between two factions of light and darkness. Then in an instant, four classes each with its on unique two advanced classes. From there, you are given a select amount of species to choose from a total of ten. After that, you are given the capability to adjust the height, face, hair, tattoos, horns, beards, eyes, scars, complection, and skin colors of your character. The creators of Star Wars the Old Republic have given a great variety of personalization for your very own coveted uniqueness in your character, but there is so much work that may be done in this area that needs more attention and action.

Almost every muliplaying game, especially MMO's have character customization. But this capability has been limited or unlimited without a great balance. Some games with customization so in depth that you can spend hours of paid membership just to design a character that reflects the deepest part of your fantasy, but the game content is severly lacking and frankly unplayable. Others with such minimal customization and variety that almost every player is coherced and forced to look exactly the same based on class, but has such great content within the game its playable for hours at a time without noticing time tick.

SWTOR has given us a game with exponetially great content and somewhat decent customization, but I personally believe its time to push the envelopes of character creation to a level that has never been done before in the history of MMOS or MMORPGs. I think that there should be a higher depth of customization when it comes to the height of our characters. Instead of 4 different sizes, one being very thin and frail, one normal, one really tall and muscular, and one shorter and stocky, there should be a variety of sizes within these very brood and general sizes. When it comes to the colors of eyes, skin, tattoos, hair, and facial hair I believe there is a extremely large limitation to the capabilities that we have in comparison to what can be obtained in our modern technical era. There is a multitude of color wheels buzzing with uniquness to fantasy. Star wars after all is a galatic fantasy. The color ranges given should be severly expanded to promote every player to have freedom in designing their toon's skin, eyes, tatoos, hair, and facial hair colors. These characters created will be played for future time to come in the game. So give players a chance to really be stoked about the character they have made and develop a personal attachment and contentment to the uniqueness of their character.

Hair, horns, and beard styles have been done fairly well, but a expansion in both of this areas especially regarding hair/horn styles would be a grandeur accomplishment. Also, for the female players, pushing the customization on size of breast, size of butt, and makeup of female characters would dramatically make a difference. Woman care about these things, just ask Pokket from Game face productions on youtube. She is a super sexy gamer girl with over 1,107,025 views and 9,639 subscribers. She knows what shes talking about and girl gamers will support her thoughts on the video she has posted about this specific makeup of female character customization issue in particular.

SWTOR has already laid the groundwork for character customization well, why not add a small team of designers just to be put to a powerful use in expanding this process. I mean after all is that not what subscribers pay for? Partially to have the designers grow their game in ways the designers see fit, but also to have a chance at the game growing in a way that gamers overall can be more satisfied. And its not like the company couldn't afford it because they could set up a system to allow your character to be transformed and pay $10 per change with maybe limited amounts of changes per year. With even 300,000 character changes will create $3,000,000 in revenue alone ( that could pay a team of designers for a few years won't ya say?).

If you dont care much about this being pushed forward, please support it anyways. I mean it couldnt hurt to have more options right?

2) Character species needs an expansion of variety:

The lineup of current races is great! We have truly only 9 races + 1 to come:
- Human
- Cyborg
- Chiss
- Miraluka
- Mirialan
- Zabrak- Red stained skin and normal skin
- Twi'lek
- Rattatski
- Sith Pureblood
- ( SOON TO COME- Cathar)

These species are great, but is there really that much variety in difference species in comparison to the great and might galaxies Star Wars has territory in? Humans, Cyborgs, and miraluka practically are the same. Both types of Zabrak obviously are the same besides tattoos and skin color. All these are humanoids that are great, but I believe there are some essential species that have been apart of the star wars species at the front scenes for years that have been excluded. If SWTOR wants to wait until an expansion before they release more species then so be it, but at least give us 2 more species other than Cathar.

Here is a list of two species that basically have got to be brought into the game as playable races:

1) Nautolan- This particular species has been apart of Star wars as jedi for years. Would be great to see this species as a selection for both sides of the force (sith Nautolan would be a very innovative and fresh opportunity never accomplished in any star wars playable game). And the truth is when playing the republic as a jedi you come across a old jedi apprentice of your master who is a Nautolan back before the sacking of Coruscant. If your fighting a Nautolan jedi. why can you not play one? And would it not be great to see a species linked to the force being playable?

2) Togruta- This noble species is already a species in the game, in one sense already a sith inquistor's favorite duel wielding sith companion. But their orgin lies with the jedi and republic as well (My point is if you can have a duel wielding sith Togruta companion, should you not have the freedom to play a duel wielding sith togruta?).

Now for some fun species that can wait but heres a list of a few greatest personal opinion to least:

1) "Yoda's Species" This is desired for sure. Many Star Wars fans love yoda and crave to know more knowledge about the lost race. The Old Republic would have more keen wisdom and knowledge of this species during its age, and for sure would know the name of his kind. This could be a huge opportunity for BioWare to expand and express great ideas through this species as a playable species. Who wouldnt want to be a sith " unknown name- yoda" Species maurader? Not all of Yodas species are green, in fact "Vandar Tokare" a male brown skinned Jedi master is known to have lived during the Old Republic era and had around 3 apprentinces (fact).

2) Kel Dor- This alien species may ring a bell if you remember "Ohran Keldor" or familar seeing this species when questing as a jedi. They have skin that ranges from peach to crimson red and wear protective masks when in oxygen rich atmospheres. This race could be played as a bounty hunter or trooper or sith warrior. However in the famous vocabulary of Ben Skywalker, " Dad, these are not pretty people."

3) Selkath- These great species hide their true number in cities deep beneath the ocean and their secrets are what make them strong. This waterlike humanoid could make a great multi-class species considering they are versatile and have blue, green, or pink skin color with venom-tipped claws. I mean what girl gamer would not want to be a soft pink underwater venom-tipped clawed character?

4) Wookiee- These great furry species have been in Star Wars since the first film was created! They make great companions in SWTOR already. But if they can shoot guns, then they should be playable as a class that can shoot guns. I doubt we will see a jedi Wookie, but the thought of a trained jedi or sith juggernaut wookie that is reserved and strong in the force is a mighty fearful and fantasy that could definitely be accomplished if done correctly.
Bottom line, wouldn't you like to support a thread and movement towards greater playable races that exist in Star Wars already but dont exist to be played in SWTOR yet?

3) Character gear customization/Quest chain for customizable color crystal.

Alright lets get honest with this topic. Is the gear is SWTOR great looking? Does it bring to life the class that it represents? For the most part my answer would be yes. Most definitely SWTOR has brought some great gear into the game. I mean some of the end game gear for classes like Sith Juggernaut leaves us astonished, impressed at first reaction to seeing it for the first time, and glad the people who are designing this game are putting there heart into it. But, there is one thing that could be pushed further. That one thing is gear customization. I am not talking about creating your own gear.. I am a local artist in the city I live in and of course I could come up with 20-30 different full on drawings of great gear ideas for the various classes on various species I mentioned above. But would it be approved? I dont know, to be truthful I don't think BioWare would give a young married artist a thought with the work they are focused on, and for the most part if they took time to look at every single artistic endevor given to them by fans they would just get annoyed. I can't blame them for it, wouldn't you?
But there is something that they can do. Already existing within the game is the capability at the click of a button to make all of your gear match in color scheme. This is an amazing feature (props to BioWare). But this could be pushed further. Im not saying that gear color customization should be as extreme as having the capability to have a pink sith robe and neon droid companions. What I am saying is there should be the ability to take the great gear you love and have worked hard through quests, warzone, flashpoints, and very difficult raids and be able to have a say in determining what parts of the gear are what color. Now, the first problem when bringing this to mind is, " well there is so much gear in the game that would take forever to make happen!", and to that I say, " Only let it be capable for endgame lvl 50 gear sets from warzone and raiding". If BioWare wants to take it further than great for them, but there should be a way that all lvl 50's with the top gear in the game should be able to look different than someone in their class with their gear. Bring uniqueness into the gameplay and players will feel their character is special and will stick around.
When it comes to the Quest chain for customizable color crystal, this would be like the netherdrake of the game for force users. I mean 4 out of the 8 starting classes in the game are force users. What player is never going to at least take an attempt at leveling a force user? At least 3/4ths of them do it for the lightsaber and force. Bring something deep into end game questing. An elaborate, creative, intense, group requiring, time taking quest chain that prizes you with a crystal unlike any crystal. It makes the perfect chain quest for a force user. After defeating the chain of quests you would then have the capability to purchase a special crystal from a "Master of the Force" for 2.5- 3.5m credits with the limitation to be able to only purchase 1-2 overall. He would be either a old sacred Jedi master or high Sith dark council member based on the character's faction of course, but he/she would be the vendor selling the crystal. When purchasing the crystals they would all look the same at first glance, but different for purchasing in the sense of stats( 41 crit/41 power/ect). The stats would not necesarily have to be Over powered or better stats than the best crystals in the game currently, but it would have a very special property. The end of the chain crystal would have these properties:

- The greatest property this crystal would have is the choice of color. You would not be able to change the color of the crystal at any time, but when you first get it, it would have a preset color without adjustment ( normal red, blue, or green), but at the click of a button there would be a color wheel for the core color of the crystal and the outside of it. Once you chose your two colors you select apply button and boom your force users fate is locked in. So if you wanted a black lightsaber with a white core or a white lightsaber with a black core, you would not be limited. But remember, once you chose the colors of that crystal, you will not be able to change it. That is why I believe it a great idea to be able to purchase 2 at max, just in case you mess up once, or if you want two different types for alternation or a extremely different lightsaber per hand.

- This may seem obvious but, the crystals would be non-tradable, bound to your character.

Bringing an update and uninqueness to character customization, more diverse playable species, gear color customization, and a massive quest chain for the ultimate and unique color crystal that every star wars fan of the force craves, would with no doubt upgrade the status and amount up players of this game.

All of these features would be for subscribers and that would increase the number of subscribers vs. free players.

I just ask you to take a second and think about this. If you were a real life force user, would you not travel in your space craft to gain a master color crystal? Would you make sure your gear is the color that you want before you put it on? I would. But maybe its just me.

Please take a moment to think about all of this before you comment.

Real players should never attempt to control the producers of this game as this is their craft and job, but we can encourage them to make decisions that may grow the game with the confidence of numbers and ideas that are not too far fetch in the ridiculous zone.

I truly hope that you all take this serious, but with a fun spirit be apart of this thread. Bring it to attention and show the makers of this game that their work and this game in it of itself matters to you personally. And that through these things the company will gain more financial revenue , be capable of supporting these decisions, gain more subscribers, and grow the amount of players.

I appreciate your time spend reading, and may the force be with you!
Darth Goliath