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Crafting: Epic HK-51 Gear (Mats = Free)

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Crafting: Epic HK-51 Gear (Mats = Free)

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11.18.2012 , 09:40 PM | #1
This is the "EPIC" Gear for DPS Droids. The stats are as good or higher than Black Hole gear (lvl 61). With this gear you can have HK-51 as one deadly companion. I'll craft the items for free if you provide the mats. I keep any crits. I'm also selling the items for 785K credits.

What I can craft:
[Assassin Droid DT-12 Core]
[Assassin Droid DT-12 Sensor Unit]
[Assassin Droid DT-12 Parts]
[Assassin Droid DT-13 Core]
[Assassin Droid DT-13 Motor]

Materials Needed:
1x [Synthetic Energy Matrix]
3x [Molecular Stabilizer]
6x [Enriched Durasteel]
30x [Durasteel]
30x [Zal Alloy]

DT-12 Parts only requires 2 Stabilizers and 4 Enriched Durasteel. On average you are looking at around 600k worth of mats if you plan to buy them of the GTN.

I'm usually only the following characters between 7PM - 10PM Central:
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Khyuss - 55 Guard / Khalen - 55 MERC / Krysis - 55 OP
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