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Help a resubed jedi guardian

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Help a resubed jedi guardian

Drudoo's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 05:23 AM | #1
I have been looking forward to F2P for a long time, but when i saw the restrictions i felt like i could just as easily resub to get the extra benefits.
I have a level 50 jedi guardian but haven't played since feb.
I need help to get started with a new spec and what companion to choose.
My play style is 100% solo. I never group or do instances. I am here for the quests and storyline.
I have looked at a vig/def spec: to play with, Previously i have been all defense but i want some more damage.
What companion is best? while leveling i used Kira all the time, but at level ~45 i went with Doc, since i died too much without the healing. (but the damage is slow)

Any suggestions for jedi returning to the galaxy?

Oggthebase's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 05:33 AM | #2
unfortunately there is very little solo content at level 50, as most of it were the class stories and leveling missions.
SWTOR becomes an entirely new game at 50, which is best enjoyed in groups (guildies, friends): pvp or operations.
Of course you can still do dailies by yourself, but it becomes boring quickly.

My advice if you're a 100% solo person is to create new characters and discover new story arcs. You'll find out that some of them even intersect (lightly) your jedi knight story.

To answer your question about spec, there is no wrong answer. If you want to deal damage instead of tanking it's a matter of personal preference and you should do it. Same with companions. If you like living dangerously and trying to kill before getting kill, a duo with Kira as double dps is doable. Going with Doc is the safest route when you battle champions though.

Drudoo's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 06:29 AM | #3
I know there is not much to do at 50, but the new daily area looks interesting =)
Been a hardcore raider en wow, i simply don't have time to play more than 1 hour a day, so i will keep it solo.
I have a few alts that i level from time to time.
Tried to do a quest and realized that my gear sucks, i had no damage at all.
My basic stats are damage 423-536, bonus dmg 200, crit chance 14%, multiplier 51%, HP 13373, str 958, endu 1074.

Any idea where i can get some better gear? I am kind of lost in all the different places you can buy gear :/

Oggthebase's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 06:56 AM | #4
if you have not played since february, you're probably still entitled to the pvp mission that gives you a full recruit-MK2 set.

It is a pvp set that from a item budget point of view is close to columi (1st tier of raiding / end of flashpoint loot), although you lose some to expertise (only useful against another player).

Go to the pvp terminal on the fleet (in your class master quarter), pick the mission and redeem it immediately at the terminal. You'll get the choice of set (tanking / dps sets).

Here is a nice diagram from Dulfy, a little outdated but it's clear

In the diagram the recruit is the old recruit MK-1, MK-2 is very close to columi.

The tier above campaign/black hole (offset) is dread guard/ hazmat (offset) from the new operation (Terror from Beyond) but you won't be getting any outside of operations (you can get the hazmat implants for 350 black hole commendations each, doable through dailies but it's really too long if you don't do operations)

Drudoo's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 07:41 AM | #5
Thanks for the recruit-MK2 suggestion! That gave me a bit more damage =) looks ugly though, but i can live with that =P
The dailies are easier now =D thanks for the help!

also, it is just me or does the game still have a delay on abilities? (it is like they are not queueing right)
got around 60-100ms, so it is not my connection.

Draloch's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 08:11 AM | #6
No delay on abilities, but the ftp patch was pretty significants so there could be some performance issues that they will work out over the coming week or so (if that's what it is).

To build your pve set, take advantage of running a few flashpoints (whatever the ftp restriction is). There's good gear from the hard mode flashpoints and they're not too hard.

Also, you can do it by running the Heroic daily on ilum, and the 3 Heroic dailies on belsavis (you just get them from runnign the rounds of dailies there). There's a new shuttle just outside the spacedock on corellia also that takes you to the black hole area. It has a harder set of dailies, but they have a weekly quest there that rewards you with black hole comms to spend on the fleet station for doing a full round of black hole area dailies. Black Hole gear is just 1 tier below the best stuff in the game.

I believe you have to pay money to equip all this stuff though, since it's purple gear, so keep that in mind.

Oggthebase's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 09:01 AM | #7
depending on the combat situation and the class, I've indeed experienced the ability delay, but it's nowhere near as bad as it was at launch, and most of the time I don't notice it anymore.

But you're correct, in some cases, and especially if you're perceptive, you'll notice the unresponsiveness.
(It's only when I play my sith warrior, I have no idea why. I don't recall noticing it for any other class)