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Your thoughts on how to make annihilation viable in RWZs?

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Your thoughts on how to make annihilation viable in RWZs?

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12.03.2012 , 04:31 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Aluvi View Post
I pretty much agree with what others have said.. being a DOT class it just isn't as viable, however, there are a few things that would make it at least viable for solo queuing and non rateds, and MAYBE even viable in rateds:

Remove the ability to cleanse the dots. They are vital for the spec, cleansing them completely nullifys it. Or, give them a talent that punishes people for removing the dots, say the cleansing person gets stunned + damaged.

Remove the "build up" on annihilator buff. Annihilation should be baseline 7 second cooldown. The rage cost on it is ridiculously high for the amount of damage it puts out, I don't see how a lower cooldown would hurt anything.

Revert the nerf to annihilation healing. This nerf was almost as unnecessary as the changes to rage.
The nerf was for PvE concerns, I doubt they will ever revert it Cleansing our dots is an issue but the only way to fairly address this I think is to simply make the dot(s) have a chance to reject cleansing or reapply after cleansing. I laughed when I saw "the cleansing person gets stunned" lol. The annhilate/merc slash baseline cooldown seems like a decent idea but it would greatly simplify the spec, which I don't like.