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Is There No Chanse At All For Server Transfer?

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Is There No Chanse At All For Server Transfer?

kulmungi's Avatar

11.17.2012 , 01:41 PM | #1

I started to play swtor with some friends, i joined them on the server they where playing on (a pvp server). But now they all quit the game but i dont want to quit because i like the game so much. now i want to focus on pve content like quest flashpoint ops and so on. but the problem is that the reps keep on ganking me over and over again and it aint fun at all because i just want to do my thing and i regret that i started to play on the server (Tomb Of Freedon Nadd) and i dont want to start a new caracter on another server because i have so much great stuff on my sith and i love playing him!

So i was wondering if there is any chanse that i can get a server transfer to The Red Eclipse (pve server)?

// Kulmungi