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Retail Account Locked - No Service Bioware Support

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Retail Account Locked - No Service Bioware Support

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11.17.2012 , 11:12 AM | #1
Well here we are 6 months after son and I took a retail subscription break form SWTOR. F2P is launched and think yeh, lets login and give it a go and bring some new friends with us.

However, Bioware's wonderful account system says no and refused to accept the security check info we both have 100% accurate. How do I know it accurate after 6 months, easy I keep records of all this stuff for every game Son and I play. Not only does it refuse to agree the answer to the security questions are correct, but then proceeds to account lock son and I accounts.

Bioware solution to the lock account issue is to make you phone them and then sit in a call center queue for an unreasonable amount of time. No other option, but to sit there for 10s of minutes, no, half hour, no, 1hr, no, but try 1hr 23m until I give up.

At this point like most of us consumers today I feel angry, frustrated and completely deflated with yet another company who believe Service = Rubbish Call Center Phone solutions. We are suppose to be the online age and the only way you offer to resolve a locked account is by a none existent customer service.

Bioware, im sorry but you make great games (Mass Effect, SWOTR, etc) and sadly this recent experience as destroyed a large amount of respect I had for you over the years. You sadly are like all companies today where merging or partnering with larger organisations destroys the years of respect you worked hard to gain with your fans.

Please for the love of god be the first to break these no service ties and go back to understanding caring about customers and how you support them is more important than s.

I don't expect a reply or any action from this but in some hopefully magical way, someone might listen and make a change in this new so called Service world.