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Dissed by a recoreded response


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11.16.2012 , 08:24 PM | #1
Ok, maybe I'm missing something but???

Went to renew the wife's account after a short downtime. I was given the option to resubscribe and receive a increased amount of Cartel Coins as we have been around the game since the beta release. I went through the cartel coin interface that lead me to a subscribe page. I did this because I went through the "my account" method and didn't receive the increased CC's as advertised. Anyhow, after completing the subscription for me wife, it said she DID receive the increased CC's. However, when she went to log in it said "need to activate this account".

I went back to her account page and it said she had 29 days of subscription left but in the main page the Subscription UI is greyed out.

After spending 90 minutes on the phone in hold, I talked to a live person. After putting me on hold for another 5 mintues. She said that they were experiencing and I quote "Glitches" since the drop of the F2P option.

Well, No Sh## Sherlock!!

I kept my cool as she was very nice and seemed to really trying to help me. She said that she needed to transfer me to a specialized tech group. I was cool with that. Once transferred, a recorded voice came on and said "We are experiencing technical difficulties with our phone system, please refer to the web forums for further help" and CLICK!!

The bum hung up on me!!

To top it off, I went through the subscription UI on the account page with no glory and now she has a double billing for on her account. Yes, I have sent a online ticket for this.

Between the lack of success on fixing her account, the bonehead move that created a double bill and the less than impressed look on her face, I think I am sleeping on the couch tonight with a snoring Bulldog.