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Lost Character and Security Key...

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Lost Character and Security Key...

RangerVegas's Avatar

11.16.2012 , 05:59 PM | #1
Ok I decided to give the free play thing a try as I was always interested in the game but never had the money to buy it when it came out. So now I have 2 strange issues.

1. I got in the game and made a Smuggler last night and played it to I think lvl 13, cant remember exactly. Now when I log into the game it's acting like i've not even created a character. Errrr?? Da***? Is this some kind of F2P gimp that I dont know about or is this some kind of server bug or what?

2. I wanted to setup the security key on my account as i'm probably planing on at least getting some coins and/or maybe the digital download pack to start. I goto my account page and tell it I want to setup a security key, I already downloaded the Android app for the security key.

On the SWTOR page it says "Type in the Serial # of your security key" and it tells me that on the app there is an info button then a selection for security key information. Errrr...WRONG. When I launch the droid app I get a screen that wants an 8 digit serial # <that I also do not know where to get from> And a box for an Activation code <again something I don't have and don't have any idea how to get>

So Maybe someone needs to rewrite the security key setup info so it actually makes sense? Because it's asking me for several #'s I don't know how to get to setup this key thing.

Cleux's Avatar

11.16.2012 , 07:24 PM | #2
I don't have an answer for your #1.

#2 if the droid app is like the iphone app, go to the information in the app. One button that comes up, will have security key information. There is a serial number there. It has been awhile since i did it so if there is something else more technical I am not able to remember it.