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Need advice about Hybrid Build

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Need advice about Hybrid Build

sungyueng's Avatar

11.16.2012 , 10:46 AM | #1

I post this thread to know your advice cause i'm a noob about a hybrid build for PVP, please leave a comment, and don't insult. :d

VeggieRonin's Avatar

11.16.2012 , 11:49 AM | #2
I'm running something similar but at level 43. It's improved my pvp performance from being 100% into shield tech. I assume you are using ion gas cylinder?
I do have heat problems (you add the 16 heat RBlade attack and lose Heat Blast) and I don't have as good a tanking ability with the top two tiers of shield tech not available but its fun for PVP and for PVE with a healer comp. I have about 50% DPS gear on usually and that helps. When I group and tank I put on my tanking gear. I used the WZ comms to get a few pieces of armor for both DPS and tanking which helps. I think you do have to maintain two sets of gear (at least helmet/chest/legs) of each if you are going to group with others though for PVE.

I just think RBlade is such a cool animation I am keeping it for now. I try to keep up my IGC, combust, and the RBlade bleed on the target all the time and swap attacks to keep those three on without heating up too much. I use rapid shots a lot in between to keep the heat down. I still am at the top of the protection numbers while getting a lot more medals for kills. I think PVP seems to favor kills and offense over tanking but I'm not very good at PVP so it might just be my play style.
This is a fun hybrid for now. I have a Tankasin and tried the hybrid using DeathField but didn't like it as much - but it might have been that I didn't use partial DPS gear and I was using a RDPS companion. Now that my healer is geared for my assassin maybe ill try to respec there and see what happens...
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