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What is a good DPS output?

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11.19.2012 , 01:47 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by manicPsyche View Post
I visited this site and clicked on the ‘Overall’ > ‘Damage’ to check out other DPS stats, the biggest hitter is a gunslinger doing 4357.64 over 3 minutes How the F do you do that sort of damage? Or have people been doctoring their combat log before uploading?
It's a parse of the Fabricator fight on Story Mode, so he had 3 people chaining fire debuff 100% of the time for the whole duration.

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11.21.2012 , 11:42 AM | #12
Pretty much depends on your gear/mods/build and the situation. What gear are you wearing? Is it PvE or PvP?

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11.21.2012 , 11:03 PM | #13
That was my Torparse with the 4300 dps. Yes it was on Fabricator in Karagga's Palace on story mode as I was in a random group finder for a weekly BH comms run. Every time I am in such a run, I have to run the puzzle due to the lack of pug talent to solve the puzzle. I managed to find a group that could run it, and having a guild member post a +4000 dps on such a fight, i tried to dps as best I could. I got a little overzealous plus poor puzzle solving but ended up with 4300ish dps.

The key is to know your fight, know your rotation. Gear does not make the player. I would rather take an undergeared alt of a quality player than someone who has gear by being carried by their raid.

Also ignore many Overall on torparse, check specific fights, only look at kill shots, try and find where not just the top class dps is, but where several others are in comparison.
Braedenz - 55 Gunslinger - Prophecy of the Five

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11.22.2012 , 01:09 AM | #14
Braedenz is absolutely correct, and I'd actually like to add on to what he mentioned.

One thing that I would very much recommend to anyone who is interested in really improving (and has lots of free time to spare) would be rolling a tank or healer to see fights from their perspective, even if it's only on Story Mode. Seeing fights from another perspective and learning what types of damage you can just "tank" and be healed through, or which abilities make tanking hard/easy, when taunts are difficult or when they're able to be thrown out whenever are all things that will help you play a DPS better. They also help you learn how to be a better raid utility, with learning the prefect timings for raid shields, when aggro dumps are most useful, or when they can be ignored, and even how to handle mechanics that you otherwise never have to deal with.

Similarly, make very good friends with your main tank or raid leader, and ask him to play a gunslinger/sniper if he has the time. Improving your tanks strategy will improve your DPS just as much as altering your own. The best tank I ever knew was one who plays a Gunslinger as his "main alt". He always knew when I'd want to drop my XS, which adds could be tanked close together for AoE damage, or which adds needed to be pulled/pushed out of the group so that I could AoE without breaking CC. Small changes in strategy often mean huge changes in DPS. I've often seen parses of fights with identical rotations, but the resulting DPS was a few hundred different....all just from using a better strategy.