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The Guardians of Peace & Power (TGOP)

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11.15.2012 , 07:17 PM | #1
The Guardians of Peace [REPUBLIC] & Power [EMPIRE] (TGOP) are recruiting!

TGOP is a mature, multi gaming guild that began in TOR looong before launch and we are recruiting heavily to further expand our presence here - We’ve braved the stormy seas since November of last year and we’ve washed up on The Red Eclipse eager to make fresh, flaming tracks in our new home!

We are a community of mature (*cough* - Ed.), friendly players based mainly in the EU time zone.

Our presence in TOR since beta, has earned us a positive reputation for our guild videos and casual raiding teams, and we are now focussing on having a good time together across all types of game play - from pve to pvp - with our top tier raiders (positions available to anyone incidentally) fighting through EC HM and TFB SM at least every week, as well as the usual gearing runs through EV and KP (all on both the Republic and Imperial sides).

We seek mature, drama-averse new friends who are keen to help out and be helped, work towards the guild’s goals* in a chatty and friendly atmosphere, and who can enjoy a good laugh.

(*though don’t ask us what they are, probably something to do with Jack, or Goats ^^).

We're physically excited at the thought of filling our openings with like minded folk. (o_O - Ed.) The loot hungry, rush-rush types... This isn't the recruitment thread for you

In short, we're a large, grizzled and welcoming team on the server and we're keen to meet you!

Server: The Red Eclipse (to the bar boys!)
Very active guild site packed to the brim with chat, (
Mature players (21+).
Primary language: English.
EU time zone.
Casual play style.
Engaging in PvE and PvP.
Busy (srsly!) RaidCall server for guild use.
No specified play schedule.

If this all sounds good; we have no level, class or gear requirements, so drop us a line on our recruitment page ( or grab a TGOP member and ask about joining. Every TGOP member has recruit permissions, but here's a few officer names you can look out for:

Republic - CT-XVXI, Darkmoonk, Doç, Gaspodia, Gaspode, Sevesyner, Annwn, Jabbok.

Power - Gorgor, Frymoreflesh, Alineara, Flavious, Dichotomy.

You can see more about us on our site:
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