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Unable to buy more Cartel Coins

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Extire's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 12:40 AM | #331
Yeah same here, at first I had this freaking error which was annoying me. Then I tried to reset credit card information, and now It says "We're sorry, but we can't perform transactions to this credit card. Please load a different one." It really pisses me off

Masterzacman's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 01:09 AM | #332
Guys, i bought 2 2400 packs yesterday, so it seems we can buy them, but today i logged on and decided to buy another and it just failed the payment. When Bioware launched the game there were plenty of floors that needed amending, so i think its just a question of letting them fix the "problem/s" gradually, cause it seems everything theyve launched in this game has needed fixing....

AK_Twilight's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 01:36 AM | #333
Quote: Originally Posted by TheGuyWhoDoes View Post
That's not the problem here. None of us have been able to buy ANY packs at ALL.
yep. havent got any

Grimmoir's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 02:38 AM | #334
Well....1:35 AM here and still cant purchase any coins....
This has gone from the minor annoyance point to the very frustrating.


TheGuyWhoDoes's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 02:38 AM | #335

PoliteAssasin's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 02:44 AM | #336
And still no acknowledgement. Unbelievable.
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firestarter's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 02:55 AM | #337
Want to buy but cant!

Dont work with Credit Card. Dont work with PayPal.

Unbelievable that a greedy company like EA hasnt kicked all BW emplyees in the ***.

tirikun's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 03:38 AM | #338
Same problem here..

Masterzacman's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 04:23 AM | #339
well knowing bioware they wont do anything about it for ages....

jpaludan's Avatar

11.18.2012 , 05:48 AM | #340
Quote: Originally Posted by OccultDrake View Post
I guess they really don't care that they have lost several thousands of dollars in the past 36-48 hours, i've been tryin myself to buy CC's to no avail and am getting very frustrated with it, but atleast this free to play isn't like some others out there (PWI, Odin Quest, etc.) that make you op as hell if you cash shop.....atleast not yet anyway
I think they know that the money arent lost - only delayed. Everybody here is going to buy same amount of cartel coins as before they posted here, that it didnt work. And from what I can see - it's a LOT of cartel coins so lets hope the system doesnt get overloaded