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Unable to buy more Cartel Coins

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12.12.2012 , 05:28 PM | #1221
Quote: Originally Posted by Belegrin View Post

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Thank you for contacting us to report the trouble you have been having with purchasing Cartel Coins.

As with any online purchase, Cartel Coin purchases may fail for a variety of reasons. If you have never successfully purchased Cartel Coins, there are a number of things to check which may be causing the error you are seeing:
Check that your billing address registered on exactly matches the address your payment provider has on record for you
You must be making the purchase from the same country your payment card was issued from for example if you are using a US Credit Card to buy coins from Europe, your payment may fail for this reason.
Double-check the card information you have provided to be sure that there are no missing or transposed numbers in your card number, CVV number or expiration date.

If you have successfully purchased coins before, and are now unable to buy more, this could be because there is a limit to the number of Cartel Coin purchases any player may make per day, if you have passed this limit, you will not be able to make more Cartel Coin purchases for 24 hours.

There may be additional restrictions in terms of transaction numbers or spending limits which are imposed by your payment provider and are beyond our control.
We would always suggest that you check with your payment provider in cases where there is no clear reason for a transaction to have failed." This is my ticket response about this stupid thingy

The thing is though this info is incorrect is far beyond a 24 hr lock the majority here hammered the hell out of cartel on its very 1st weekend almost 1 month ago and have not been able to purchase or sub in the normal manner since that is 27 days ago or 648 hrs to be precise, theres quite a bit of difference between Biowares 24 hours and the 648 hours we are seeing. I personally believe its a 30 day lock as I've seen these before with 3rd party payment providers. I guess I can say 100% for certain in 72 hrs time
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12.12.2012 , 05:33 PM | #1222
most anoying thing yet... I bought a few coins last night, everthing worked fine, came home from work tonight and its not working, so I know its nothing wrong with my credit card info...

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12.12.2012 , 05:35 PM | #1223
I also have been having problems with this. I have probably spent close to 200 dollars in coins. Then one day, nothing, unable to buy. I have called support but both times have waited over 2 hours and no resolution. Just passed around to where i'm on hold so much my phone dies . This is outrageous. I'm a pretty patient person, and have worked helpdesks in the past, and can understand high call volumes, But this is pretty ridiculous.

Have tried everything one can try with clearing cache and other such ********. It's Bioware's fault, and not localized to machine. Checked with Bank, they aren't blocking transactions, and re-entered card info on website. It's a total bioware failure.


After 1 hour 41 minutes of hold time. A automated message popped up saying There is a problem with the phones and hung up on me.

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12.12.2012 , 06:47 PM | #1224
Just adding one more name to the list. I was able to buy until the last update, and have not been able to since. Very frustrating.

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12.12.2012 , 07:09 PM | #1225
could buy yesterday, couldn't buy after about 5pm yesterday however.
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12.12.2012 , 07:21 PM | #1226
So a new update and still can't but ****, i resubbed on a 60 day recently, but if this is whats going on i will do my 60 days and leave, tbh for folk like me who are giving the game a second go this looks really bad and as much as i do enjoy the game, not being able to 'take part' in some of it due to stupid bugs makes me wanna stay less

hope that makes sense

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12.12.2012 , 08:05 PM | #1227
same error message....BORING!!!

how can one, simply break something that is already working fine, not just once but over and over and over and over!
you need to get some better employees and sort **** out

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12.12.2012 , 08:24 PM | #1228
Broken as well.

We're sorry, but we can't perform transactions to this credit card. Please load a different one.

Tried reentering the details as the rep said in this thread.


Kinda annoying cause now I cannot reenter my details tested my credit card on itunes works perfectly fine.


This issue is costing you a large amount of money.
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12.12.2012 , 09:45 PM | #1229
69,000 views and no fix, yay

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12.12.2012 , 09:54 PM | #1230
Having the same trouble as all these other folks!