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Mara vs jugg?

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11.18.2012 , 12:26 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Helig View Post
Usually, it's lolsmash Juggs (DPS), or hybrid Vengeance tank Juggs for guarding nodes or acting as a healer's bodyguard.
do you play one?

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11.18.2012 , 12:49 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by ilikeyou View Post
do you play one?
I play Guardian. In all roles. He's shelved atm, though. Right now I'm determined to squeeze 900% out of an Assault Commando as a big "F.U." to the smash fotm.
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11.18.2012 , 04:07 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Helig View Post
A lolsmash that goes into Immortal for Heavy-Handed is more lol than other Smashers. Unstoppable is also not advised for Smashers, since it strips you of your main way to get Singularity charges, as well as timed delayed burst with the final Crush tick.

Blatant misinformation.

Smash Juggs, raw damage wise, do as much if not more (exact rotational quirks such as cheaper Slash and Shii-Cho Berserk) damage than Smash Marauders.

Vengeance is about equal to Annihilation (Watchman and Vigilance guildies parse between 2200 and 2300 in pve constantly) in terms of singletarget damage, and is harder to maximize at higher levels (juggling DoTs between Ravage procs can get very exciting).

Heavy armour means jack. Armour bonus alone is about 5% apart from medium. Not even mentioning that everyone and their mother either does a lot of Elemental/Internal damage, or has significant armour penetration. Damage reduction skills/talents have a lot better effect.

As far as utility is concerned, both have solid utility. Jugg has Taunts, taleted free AoE slow with 0 cooldown (makes enemies weep) and amazing mobility thanks to 2 baseline jumps and 1 baseline charge reset with Push, while Marauder sports very strong defensive cooldowns, along with Fury skills (Predation and Berserk are its go-to abilities, but Bloodthirst can also be good, if applied right - the cooldown is kinda discouraging though).
Agree. I am a marauder main, fully min maxed for PvP. A jugg, if played correclty, with heals in a group setting, can out dps a marauder, purely based on math. They get more smash damage due to several non rage tree talents that marauders do not. This will translate into slightly harder hitting smashes. They also apply sunder to targets, which is cool for increasing smash damage. Aoe slow rocks, blows away the single target crippling slash so hard it isn't funny. Excellent ball carrying by swapping into soresu and having way more charges. Can guard ball carrier in a pinch as well. Aoe and single target taunts add a lot of protection, meaning they give damage reduction.

The drawback of a jugg is that they have less useful defensive cooldowns. Mara gets a 20% DR that lasts up to 30 seconds, the same long cooldown saber ward, and undying rage. The juggs cooldowns by comparison are not as good, and I would say that is primarily due to no Undying Rage.

It is a really tough tossup. Marauder adds some very unique utility that no other class can add - things like predation and bloodthirst. Predation is a BIG deal in huttball and can be big in other games as well. With free respecs now, you can also swap between carnage/rage as much as you want as a marauder, meaning every huttball you can go carnage for the speed boost and single target ball carrier killing power. Every voidstar you can be lolsmash.

Overall, if the idea of having the highest potential dps in rage spec, taunts for protection, ball carrying ability, more disables (force push), aoe slows, and tanking ability suits you, go jugg. If you like to give predation, bloodthirst, and have slighly better chance to live due to undying rage, then roll mara.

Personally, I am working on a Jugg once I finish my Operative for the last buff I need, because I feel that they simply have more potential as Rage, which is what I do for my rateds. However, there will always be a place in pvp for a marauder or 2, due to their great dps, predation, and other group buffs.
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11.18.2012 , 06:36 PM | #14
The PvP roles boil down to this: Marauders are enemy healer killers. Juggernauts are friendly healer guardians. A juggernaut (any spec) in defensive mode and with guard on a healer can hold a PvP objective long enough to make the enemy pull their hair out. Marauders are squishy if their cool downs are down, but excel at burning down the enemy healer keeping that enemy tank alive. And a Marauder can be very good at taking over an enemy objective that only has a solo guard.
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