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Nightmare Pilgrim not respawning

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

DarthElmi's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 12:47 PM | #1
We encounter the problem that the Nightmare Pilgrim can't be activated despite us waiting already well over an hour.
Was there a recent deliberate change to his respawn timer or something?
Server: T3-M4

MasterRev's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 12:50 PM | #2
This happened to us on Monday night as well.


GM - Aftermath. Shadowlands

Tirvaak's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 02:28 PM | #3 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hi DarthElmim,

Sorry for the delay in replying, since you posted have you been able to get Nightmare Pilgrim to spawn or are you still having problems?


Tirvaak | Bioware Customer Service - Forum Support

Blaezinn's Avatar

12.30.2012 , 08:02 PM | #4
Our guild has been sitting here for over an hour with no respawn. Prophecy of the Five.

mikebevo's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 11:41 AM | #5
We tried to run Nightmare Pilgrim last night on The Harbinger at about 9:30 PM CT. It was up, but while we waited a single level 12 imp showed up and hit the button. We waited, but it never became click-able again. I thought this exploit had been patched.

Bengelino's Avatar

03.18.2013 , 12:25 AM | #6

it wasn't possible for me to spawn the pilgrim for the last 4 weeks, we are looking again and again, but the "plate" is never clickable. not only for us, as it seems... not even one person on the fleet has the 5days debuff.
(server: jar'kai sword)

then i read the changelogs and news:
5 hours downtime for like every week.
and for what? - 70% cartel-market stuff, fixes for some pointless animations and whatever.

sure... you can't survive as a company without money, so the cartel-market is an imporant thing for you, it's fine. it's our own option if we use it or not.
but please tell me: why do i pay monthly? just for the ability to pay even more money in the cartel-market?
i am not here to buy fancy things (but i do sometimes). basically, i am here to play this game!
it can't be real that we get one patch after another, which are mostly related to the cartel-market, always in combination with horrible downtimes (for my location even always at afternoons), while essential and actual game content is simply dying for no reason.
please sort your priorities, if you wanna keep your subscribers!