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Give up 400 Biochem for a gathering skill?

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Give up 400 Biochem for a gathering skill?

Ragglemuffin's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 05:32 AM | #1
Hi guys,

I needed abit of advice with my current dilemma.

I have a 50 marauder and have returned to the game after leaving prior to 1.2. Now as I'm 50 and gradually grinding out WH gear to max my toon out I want to make some serious credits. So serious that I want to have a capital into the multiple-millions. At the moment I have Biochem(400), bioanalysis(400) and UWT(80) (I swapped diplomacy for UWT a week ago).

What I have been thinking is swapping out bioanalysis for slicing and then keeping Biochem for the reusable stims and medpacks however I have read multiple forums that suggest going archeology/scavenging/bioanalysis for the greatest returns.

Also to mention, I am going to play the GTN seriously, making a spreadsheet of items that sell at what prices and on what days/times so I can monitor the peak selling times during the week.

Any advice from both novices and pros is welcome.

Thanks for your help.


parmie's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 07:19 AM | #2
Well, the scav, archeology and bio is a mat grinder approach. Thats not really playing the GTN. Just get what price you can from those mats -

The reason by two of the mats type is popular is because of the augment kit market. You could conceivably churn out augument kits with just one gathering skill. On my server they go for 32k upwards for MK6s.

The last couple of weeks, having been REing cybertech armorings and mods since launch, and getting a toon with every skill, I've gone back into the playing the market, my niche mainly being top of the range levelling item filled with purple upgrades. It's quite a lot of effort for a good but not great margin and I need to build up a customer base as my great oranges look like everyone elses on the GTN until you hover on them.

However, for any new toon, I've gone slicing, treasure hunting and diplomacy. A slicing strategy would be run grade 5 riches and sell the missions, if you drop a slicing mission, run it yourself and the purple augment mats will be in great demand.

1.5 will likely change things again though. Lots of sets of adaptive armour could increase demand for augment kits?

Ragglemuffin's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 08:36 AM | #3
Thanks for your advice, you definitely sound like you have look into and practice what I am trying to achieve.

Would you say that it would be a better choice to scrap Biochem for synth( for force augments), archeology (synth mats) and then slicing? The aim of this is to achieve the capability to craft augments to sell on the side from playing the GTN.

I don't mind losing Biochem as hopefully I will make a decent enough profit that I can buy stims and medpacks from the GTN.

What do you think?

CarthSeverus's Avatar

11.14.2012 , 03:26 PM | #4
Well until they"fix" the stim/medpack glitch,bio has become pretty useless outside of making implants. So really for the most profit if thats what you want,i would go with slicing,stick with underworld and maybe go with treasure hunting,them three will net you the most creds,
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