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So when will the Emporer return?

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So when will the Emporer return?

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11.17.2012 , 12:31 AM | #11
I'm hoping the Inquisitor gets to meet the Emperor.
Its very interesting how the SI and the SW stories ended.
The Inquisitor has just become a member of the dark council and promises his followers that he is the future of the Sith order and that he "intend to shape it" in his image. This leads to a quest for more power, to learn all the rituals the dark side has to offer, thus leading to meeting the Emperor and very possibly trying to take his power.
Meanwhile, the SW has just become the Emperor's Wrath and is the Emperor's most ruthless follower. This can lead to plots doing the Emperor's bidding and keeping the rest of the Sith Order in line.
So it is interesting that playing either a SI or a SW could lead to very different outcomes; at least in what you can analyze from the ending of chapter 3.