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most heals per second

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most heals per second

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11.12.2012 , 04:13 PM | #1
I'm looking into what records you've gotten in PVP in heals per second, not total heals because that doens't show your capabilities.

I just personally got a new record of 1192.6 heals per second in a novare coast.
I'm sure people have gotten more though. What's yours?
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11.14.2012 , 01:08 PM | #2
Heals per second doesn't really show your capabilities as a pvp player either, so I'm not sure what measuring it is worth, other than gear potential in one specific case. HPS has a better correlation in pve because of the predictive nature of fights. I would say looking at records of HPS in a pve setting while in pvp gear is a better determiner of capability.

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11.17.2012 , 01:09 PM | #3
Is there such a meter in game or is this from a parser?

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11.18.2012 , 05:13 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Ognajd View Post
Is there such a meter in game or is this from a parser?
You can hover over healing done in the wz scoreboard or you can use a parser such as MOX.
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11.19.2012 , 08:40 AM | #5
Highest recorded I've seen was from a records thread somewhere around here of 1410 hps
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